Ukrainian schismatics brought to Athos, “a sign of the Apocalypse”

Украинские раскольники привезли на Афон "знамение Апокалипсиса"

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Ukrainian schismatics, together with the Constantinople Patriarch Bartholomew to legalize their year ago, he visited Athos. The Holy mountain is considered a stronghold of Orthodoxy — and not all the monasteries of mount Athos were happy guests. And on the day of departure of the Ukrainian delegation at the shores of the Peninsula and did the earthquake happened. What more apocalyptic signs accompanied the visit and in the last days occurred on mount Athos — in the material RIA Novosti.

“Draconian measures”

The most mysterious book of the Bible is “the Apocalypse.” In this text, as Christians believe, encrypted date of the end of the world. And described in detail the signs of his near approach: long war, the constant natural disasters — earthquakes, drought; and then over the whole world the Antichrist will reign.
On the basis of the Apocalypse have appeared many legends detailing the events of recent times. And most of them are connected with Athos. For example, one of the legends says that the Antichrist is revealed on Earth after the Exodus of the monks from the Holy mountain.

Украинские раскольники привезли на Афон "знамение Апокалипсиса"

© RIA Novosti / Yuri Kaplun. The icon “the Apocalypse”Some monks are threatening to leave Athos now — in connection with the Ukrainian events. Ahead of his visit to the Holy mountain Patriarch Bartholomew October 19, talking about it only intensified. Holy mountain is unhappy that Fanari (an area in Istanbul, which is the administrative center of the Patriarchate of Constantinople) recognized dissenters — and thereby jeopardized the unity of the Orthodox world. And some of the monks and does draw Parallels with the Antichrist, who, according to legends, will come to the world to destroy the Christian faith.And as if to reinforce the comparison, before the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew unknown left on MT graffiti: “get Out of from the Holy mountain, Bartholomew, tearing the Church of Christ. The Antichrist Bartholomew, the Holy mountain does not want (to see) you!”These labels only escalate the already tense atmosphere on the Holy mountain. Of Constantinople, the Primate had intended to come here in March, but rescheduled for August. Then, according to Greek media, he had planned to arrive on mount Athos with the head of the schismatic “Orthodox Church in Ukraine” (ptsu) Epiphanius of Dumenko. This much afraid of many believers.The fears of the Orthodox, unfortunately, had a Foundation: now, in October, Bartholomew was escorted five “bishops” of the DNC. Among them, Theodore Bubnik and joined the “damenkova” Greek Epiphany Dumitru. However, the Liturgy in the monasteries of Athos, they never showed up. Perhaps security reasons — as you know, many afnity frankly do not want to see the schismatics on the Holy mountain. For example, in February of this year, the monks closed the gates before the representatives of DNC who tried to enter the monastery.Therefore, the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople on mount Athos was held in conditions of unprecedented oversight of law enforcement: panarchy delegation was guarded by more than a hundred police service dogs.”Security measures are truly draconian. Peace officers are placed on all route of movement of Patriarch Bartholomew,” said the Greek journalist Virgos theoharis.

The oath was not

To meet Patriarch Bartholomew at the pier of the village of karyes — the secular administrative center of mount Athos — has mobilized not only the police but also monks. The official greeting of head of the Patriarchate of Constantinople was attended by rectors and representatives of all 20 monasteries of the Holy mountain. Probably, they were forced to come: it is no coincidence that on the eve of the arrival fanatskogo guest and the management of Athos met the US Consul General in Thessaloniki Gregory Pfleger.”The abbots attended the ceremony, as are in subjection to Constantinople, which is enshrined in the laws of Greece. However, the fact that a formal meeting does not mean that all the abbots of the Athonite monasteries share the beliefs of the Patriarch,” explains RIA Novosti Secretary for inter-Orthodox relations of the Department for external Church relations of the Moscow Patriarchate Archpriest Igor Yakimchuk.Expression of loyalty to the Holy mountain Panaro had become a common Liturgy. But came to the service only seven abbots of the monasteries of Iveron, Simonopetra, of Istanbul, of Dionysiou, Hilandar monastery, Stavronikita, of Vatopedi, the monastery Grigorian. That is about any “unanimous oath of Athos, Constantinople”, promised by some media and anonymous Telegram-TV, out of the question.

Украинские раскольники привезли на Афон "знамение Апокалипсиса"

© Photo : Ecumenical Patriarchate”s Press Service. The visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to Athosthat not all Athos monks wish to see Patriarch Bartholomew, evidenced by the program of the visit: only four monasteries. But it could be more — according to the canons, Athos reports directly to the head of the Constantinople Orthodox Church (KPC). However, not all accepted the order — the monks of the monastery Esphigmenou for many years ignored the decrees Fanara, accusing him of rapprochement with the Catholics and the dissenters support around the world.

Cataclysm in world Orthodoxy

Esphigmenou is known in the Orthodox world, not only by the desire to preserve the purity of the faith, but also his brethren. In the XI century here lived and worked the Russian monk Anthony, founded in 1051 under the Kiev one of the first in Russia monasteries. Now the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra — among the most important Christian Holy sites and is considered the spiritual successor to mount Athos.In the days of the visit of Patriarch Bartholomew to the Holy mountain dissenters predicted the Kiev monastery of the “last times”.”Now Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, and other national shrines are temporarily in spiritual occupation, but we believe that they belong to a recognized national Ukrainian Church (self ptsu. — Approx. ed.). It’s hard to say exactly how this will happen,” — said the leader of the dissenters Epiphany Dumenko.He was too shy to clarify, how are you going to “pass” the Shrine in the assigned structure Lavra intend to simply take, because conversations about it among the dissenters conducted for many years. Dumenko, obviously, did not go into details just because were not in front of a like — minded audience were representatives of the US political establishment.

Украинские раскольники привезли на Афон "знамение Апокалипсиса"

© Photo : Proini. The awarding of the Epiphany in the U.S. the prize Patriarch AthenagorasIn the United States the leader of the Ukrainian division on 19 October was awarded the prize “for the protection of religious rights.” And not Ukrainian citizens or supporters of its structure, and — remarkably — personally Patriarch Bartholomew. The award was presented by the main sponsors Fanara — the Council of archons, influential laymen, some of whom are even members of the President’s team of the trump.”Since coming to power in Ukraine, Vladimir Zelensky campaign to capture the temples subsided along with calls for such actions. But after the events in the Greek Church (part of bishops which recognized ptsu) — which, however, is rather wishful thinking — at Dumenko, apparently, has increased confidence to make strong statements about the fate of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra”, — says the Church historian Vladislav parsley.Cheered and Patriarch Bartholomew, who took the “damenkova” with them to Athos. And the reaction to such a trick, as noted by the interlocutor of RIA Novosti, shows that the monasteries of the Holy mountain has lost unity.”We are in a situation where it is necessary to raise the question of whether some of the canonical ideas of formal logic. Because it turns out that Athos recognizes the Patriarch of Constantinople as its ruling Bishop, and he recognizes the legitimate PCU, unlike the monks of mount Athos. This logic at some point we stumble on the first difficult situation — when Patriarch Bartholomew will come to the Holy mountain with Dumenko, then let the monks try not to let him into his monastery. We are not just on the verge of a global schism in the Orthodox world and on the verge of major canonical crisis. And I don’t see a solution for this problem now because of the ambitions of a number of people,” adds the historian.Ambitions Bartholomew, he said, shaken by the entire Orthodox world. And on the day of departure of the Patriarch of Constantinople of mount Athos, October 22, near the Holy mountain, according to the European-Mediterranean seismological center, the earthquake occurred. It is “a sign of the Apocalypse” has prompted some believers to dark thoughts about the fate of Orthodoxy.Anton Skripunov

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