Ukrainian school to pretvarati on makers doslyk laborator

Українські школи перетворять на мейкерські та дослідницькі лабораторії

At schools of Ukraine startu “Injenerniy week”. TSE mozliwosci for uchitelu of pretvoriti vlsn school for one week on makers doslyk laborator dwellers sacrafice ucnv science I dati m push to development of wlasnego inzhenernogo potential.

Netstore programs include, together with the lecturer-expert of tochni prirodnich Sciences, rosabel methodics materials, scho vklyuchayut: kit ngeneric of saudan, presentation, SCENAR holding tematichnyh uroku, quests zmagan.

Yak dolociti?
Retrace drivetime to 1 sichnya on sit. Take the fate of proct, free of charge, smooth VSI seastroke school.

“Injenerniy tyzhden” go through s 13 through 17-the January I bude priurochte until the day narodzhennya Sergius Kitekat (12 January) that Seswg day for kids-winnik (17 January).

Yak sacrality science?
Dozen pokazhut scho dosage fourth class tretina hloptsiv Ducat trachyte nteres to science. To the eighth class nteres to science vtrace mayzhe half. The stench vkluchaut Vdovin world war z stake their interest that is not POV asout s them car rnih plans. So, Mlini ucnv just not wrath scho mozhut zaymatysya science. That pid hour “Inzhenernogo tyzhden” UCN not lachey pobachiti Yak mozhut science vzaimozachet one z one and sprout yourself in rol makers ngenera.

Podrn programs include uspsa realsuite in the United States, Great Britan Land. In the USA, za, 2007, the holding Morongo Engineers Week, timed to the day narodzhennya George Washington (22 bitter). In Netiv take the fate of thousands UCN American training event SCL, and also naukow kulturn install.

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