Ukrainian scientists have made a surprising discovery near Zaporozhye

Украинские ученые сделали удивительное открытие возле Запорожья

Ukrainian gidrokhimicheskie expedition of Khortitsa reserve found at the mouth of the Dnieper river sunken boat, built probably in the 16th century. This was reported on the page in Facebook the head of the expedition Dmitry Kobalia.

We are talking about some narrow oak boat up to 4 metres wide with a length up to 20 meters. According to archaeologists, the monument has been looted however, despite this, the expedition managed to discover lots of interesting finds.

-However, even in this disturbed layer, we waited for the findings. Crockery fragments, nails and specific ship staples without a doubt pointed to a medieval origin. The sheathing was fastened at the butt of wrought nails, for which the boards were cut a triangular grooves. It is likely that the ship was not built in the 17th and even the 16th century. The same staples are good Dating material and pervasive to the medieval monuments of Poland, Lithuania and Germany – said Kobalia.

Scientists also suggest that “the presence of two ships in one place may be traces of historical events, e.g. the battle of Cossacks with the Turks”.


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