Ukrainian scientists in the US have invented a unique method of dealing with cancer

In the US spouses are scientists, immigrants from the Ukraine, has developed a method that could be a breakthrough in the fight against cancer.

Українські вчені у США винайшли унікальний метод боротьби з раком

At the University of Oregon (USA) scientists Elena and Oleg taratula of emigrants from Ukraine has invented a substance with nanoparticles, which helps with infrared radiation to see where in the body are cancer cells, informs Rus.Media.

Invented a substance not only helps to make the cancer cells visible, but also helps to deal with them – it causes heating, which is detrimental effect on malignant tumours.

The methodology developed is the result of four years of research. Scientists claim that a substance is completely safe for humans. After successful experiments in animals, the researchers plan to test the method on volunteers.