Ukrainian stars have joined the mission of the charity Fund “the one”

Украинские звезды присоединились к миссии благотворительного фонда «Единственная»

The open day at the interactive training camp for children of the charity Fund “the one” singer Melovin presented a unique ring-a talisman that brings luck and protects its owner. Especially for artistic decoration created jewelry house Art Vivace. Melovin first showed it in their new clip, and then participated in the Eurovision song contest-2018. Arriving at the camp, Melovin gave the ring to the founder of the charity Fund “the one” Inna Katushenko to ensure that in future it was sold at auction. Funds received from the sale will go to the preparation and organization of the following camps for children from boarding schools.

Now wards of the charity Fund “the one” are in a wonderful location, near Kiev in Zoloche Rangers Camp. The founders of the camp, Yuri and Natalia Korzhevskaya provided the Foundation with a great discount on summer camp tickets and personally visit the children in it.

June 12, in open day, in the camp of the children came to support, inspire personal experiences, to share interesting stories of life and development in the career of a famous person: a vacation for 2018 from the Ukraine singer Melovin, the leading morning show Let’s Go Show on radio NRj Masha Vinogradova, Ukrainian Opera singer Alyona Grebenyuk, journalist and presenter Timur Miroshnichenko with his wife. But that’s not all guests who come to children, they will find many surprises. The camp takes place from 9 to 20 June in Rangers Camp Zoloche in the Kiev region.

To support projects of the Fund, listing the charity help for details:

  • Charitable of “Blagodijnij Fund magazine’s “the one”
    Code EDRPOU 26548008
    R/R 26001000671000
    KB in PJSC “credit Agricole Bank” m. Kyiv,
    MFI 300379

BF “the one” for 14 years working with children from boarding schools of Chernihiv, Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia regions. During this time, more than 1 200 children became participants of the project “Road to success”. Spending a fun summer in the training camp, children acquire skills of team work, develop creativity, learn about different professions, learning financial literacy, learn the rational use of own resources, develop domestic skills, discover yourself and develop comprehensively.

The holding of such charitable events requires continuous donor contributions. A large number of people and companies remain indifferent to the problems of children from boarding schools. Thanks ISEI, one of the regular donors of the project were collected for 60 000 UAH for the payment of the children in the camp. The campaign runs in stores until July 1, so willing to help kids can have time to join it. The representative of the company ISEI held for girls a special training master class, during which he spoke in detail about how to care for your skin.

Charitable Foundation of the magazine “One” was established on 30 April 2004 with the support of Edipresse Media and personally Inna, Katushenko. The Foundation works with pupils of boarding schools, especially with teenagers. The Foundation develops and implements programs of social adaptation of adolescents, conducts trainings that are good for children topic, organize informative and interesting camp, the household and solves individual problems that occur in children.

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