Ukrainian students go on strike

In the world will be the biggest climate strike.

Українські школярі виходять на страйк

Climate strike of secondary school students tomorrow, Friday, March 15, will be held in about one hundred countries around the world. The initiator of the strike was a 15-year-old Swede Gretta, Tanberg, informs Rus.Media.

With her words, climate strike will take place in 1325 locations in 98 countries. On his page on Facebook, she said that already confirmed the protests in Washington, Moscow, Mumbai, Shanghai, Lagos, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Paris, Nairobi, Santiago, new York, London, tel Aviv, Toronto, Beirut, Zurich, Kiev, Harbour and other cities.

As told the girl in one of the interviews, about the age of eight when I first learned about climate change, was astonished that adults do not take the issue seriously. It was not the only reason Gretta became depressed a few years, but this was an important factor.

“I remember when I was younger, in school our teachers showed us movies about plastic in the ocean, hungry polar bears, and the like. I cried during all the movies. My classmates were concerned when I watched the movie, but when it ended, they started to think about other things. I couldn’t do it. These pictures stuck in my head,” says Gretta.

School strikes occur in the world every Friday, but March 15 is one of the most ambitious. Pupils will miss lessons and leave the banners on the street to draw attention to climate change and environmental problems that cause irreparable harm.

On the website strikes published a map showing all of the cities where protests will be held this Friday. The Ukrainian activists join world strike youth against climate change. In Particular: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Ternopil, Dnepr, Nikolaev, Zaporozhye, Ukraine. One of the slogans of the young defenders of the environment – “Why should we learn for the future, if that future might not be?”.

Additionally, in August last year without the support of parents and classmates Gretta beginning of the strike, but in eight months the situation has changed dramatically. Now Gretta, Tanberg became a symbol of fight and determination throughout the world.