Ukrainian: USA looking for Ambassador to Kiev, and Giuliani acknowledged that was involved in the dismissal of Jovanovic

Украинагейт: США ищут посла в Киев, а Джулиани признал, что причастен к увольнению Йованович

© Sputnikon Tuesday, December 17, the US media wrote that the White house will withdraw from Kiev chargé d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor on 2 January 2020. Choose the new Ambassador of the two candidates for the seat, vacant since may 20, after the departure of Marie Yovanovitch, the reason for the dismissal which could be the information of counsel of the US President Giuliani.Wednesday, December 18, in the House of representatives of the whole will be voting on the approval of the indictment against the head of state. As established by the procedural Committee, to debate the allotted 6 hours, which will be distributed equally between the two parties, after which lawmakers will vote separately on each of the two articles of charges. In addition, if the legal Committee is ready to nominate three members of the house of representatives who will come forward at the trial in the Senate, will vote on this issue.

Historic letter trump

On the eve of the US President Donald trump sent a letter to the Chairman of the house of representatives Nancy Pelosiin which he expressed protest against the impeachment. He accused Democrats in an attempt to cancel results of elections in 2016 and divert public attention from his achievements, including economic growth, and also criticized the investigation of spectracolor Robert Mueller, and has not revealed the collusion of his campaign headquarters with Moscow, and demanded that Congress focus not on the impeachment, and the unprecedented abuse of power of the FBI in the course of the election campaign of 2016, when conducted surveillance of members of his electoral headquarters.”You are tied to efforts to impeach with a fully discredited “Russian” fake, stating twice that “all roads lead to Putin”, although you know that it is an outright lie. I am much harder on Russia than President Obama dared even to think,” said trump.

According to him, the first charge — abuse of power — completely hypocritical, unworthy and groundless fiction of the imagination, because the first conversation with President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky was absolutely normal, and the second misquoted and presented in a fraudulent manner. The second charge — obstruction of Congress, the President called ridiculous and dangerous.

“The Democrats of the house of representatives are trying to remove from power the legally elected President for defending constitutional rights, approved on a bipartisan basis. You know perfectly well that (ex. — Ed.) Vice-President Biden used his office and $1 billion in U.S. aid to get Ukraine to fire the Prosecutor who studied the company who paid his son millions of dollars <…> I’m writing you this letter for the history, as well as to make a permanent and lasting document my thoughts,” said trump.

Pelosi called the President’s letter “ill”, and the leader of the democratic minority in the Senate, Charles Schumer ‘m sure trump is under a lot of pressure.

The bombshell did not work

As shown by a study conducted by broadcaster ABC and the Washington Post 10-15 December among 1003 respondents, consensus about what is happening in Congress among Americans there: that Trump impeach, act 49% of respondents, against 46%. The behavior of the President in relation to Ukraine, 49% of respondents regard as undue pressure to pursue the investigation against the former Vice-President USA Joe Biden, who is considered the most likely Democratic candidate in the presidential election, and his son hunter, 39% with this assessment disagree. 49% of study participants believe that trump tried to prevent the investigation of his actions, while 43% hold the opposite opinion.In turn, CNN reported on the reduction of the number of supporters of the impeachment trump: if early dismissal of the American leader from power in a telephone survey Nov 21-24 spoke 50% of the respondents and against were made by 43%, while 12 to 15 December the same study showed 45% and 47%, respectively.

Senior program officer for governance at the Brookings institution specializing in U.S. domestic policy, political campaigns and elections, William Galston notes that since the beginning of October has not changed the level of approval of the President of trump or support of the impeachment, and the interest is much less in comparison with the level of interest in the case concerning the impeachment of the 42nd US President bill Clinton, a counselor who worked Galston in 1998-1999.

The impeachment comes at the diplomatic level

In the House of representatives Democrats, which determined the regulation of the procedure of impeachment, the Republicans refused in the interrogation of witnesses whom they considered it necessary to hear. Now the party of the President who will set the judicial process in the Senate, are going to pay them the same coin. December 17, the Republican leader in the Senate Mitch McConnell rejected the proposal contained in received a letter from the minority leader Chuck Schumer, about a call on interrogation to the upper house of Congress, a former assistant US President for national security John Bolton, the acting head of the White house Malvani Mika, his assistant Robert Blair and employee of the office of management and budget the White house Michael Duffy.

One of the key witnesses, speaking in the House of representatives, was charge d’affaires of the USA in Ukraine William Taylor, who confirmed the version of the Democrats that the investigation of the energy company Burisma, where he worked for hunter Biden, and the intervention of Ukraine in the American elections of 2016 was the condition for resuming military assistance. As reported by Bloomberg, citing a source, he will leave his post on 2 January 2020, but official statements of the Department of state on this occasion has not happened. According to the law, he could work in the status of chargé d’affaires of not more than 210 days (arrived in Kyiv on 17 June 2019).

After reading this information, a member of the Senate foreign relations Committee, Democrat Bob Menendez sent a letter to U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo, in which he expressed his concern.”From media reports I learned that Ambassador William Taylor recalled the day before Your scheduled visit to Kyiv in January (first for the current Secretary of state. — Ed.). Opinion of the diplomat, leaving a vacant crucial post of Ambassador at a time when the country comes the U.S. Secretary of state, appears to be extremely unusual and maybe unprecedented,” wrote the Senator.

Newspaper Politico, citing White house officials said that aides of the President consider the appointment of a new Ambassador to Ukraine and representatives of the administration have taken steps to stabilize relations with Kiev, which suffered because of the investigation within the procedure of impeachment. According to journalists, to head the us Embassy in Ukraine may or, acting assistant Secretary of state for Europe and Eurasia Philip Reeker (between him and Taylor Washington chose chargé d’affaires after the recall Jovanovich), or the Director of the European center of studies on security issues to them. Marshall in Germany, associated with the Pentagon, retired Lieutenant-General Keith Daytonwho speak Russian and who had experience in the Ukrainian capital.

The publication says that the Trump candidacy is like the second — the appointment of the head of the Pentagon Dayton is a senior Advisor to the U.S. defense, Ukraine, has developed courses on anti-corruption and defence reform for Ukrainians and dealing with the problems associated with training and equipping foreign armed forces at the time was coordinator of security for Israel and the Palestinian authority. Yes, and the Dayton is ready to take on the job of Ambassador in Kiev.

Meanwhile, the lawyer of the President of the USA Rudy Giuliani in an interview with the New York Times, published December 17, reported some details of the early dismissal of the previous head of the us diplomatic mission in Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch. He said that at the beginning of 2019 a couple of times complained to Trump that it hinders the investigation in Ukraine, preventing the issuance of U.S. visas to Ukrainians, are ready to testify about the collusion of the Democrats with the Ukrainian authorities in 2016, and assumed that the sent information really contributed to the dismissal of a diplomat. But the lawyer denied that he advised Trump to dismiss Jovanovic from the performance of official duties, but only granted the President and the Secretary of state the facts.”Had to get Jovanovic off the road (for what it is. — Ed.) all complicated investigation,” added Giuliani.

Changing the head of the Embassy in Kiev lawyer trump, according to the Associated Press, in particular, helped his client, an American businessman of Ukrainian origin Leo Parnassus. He was arrested in October on suspicion of violating the law on lobbying activities, but then released under house arrest. 17 Dec court for the southern district of new York rejected a request by prosecutors to remand him in custody because of the risk that he will flee. The basis for filing such petition was information about obtaining Parnassus in September of $1 million from Russia. Bloomberg, citing information from the court hearings said that it was a loan issued by the Ukrainian businessman Dmitry Firtash, who the U.S. demand to extradite from Austria. Earlier the sources, The Washington Post reported that lawyers Victoria Toensing and Joe Digenovathat from July 2019 represent the interests of Firtash, he hired Parnassus as a translator. The court accepted the argument of the defence that the money as a loan took unemployed spouse of the businessman of Svetlana Parnassus.Yevgeny Kondakov