Ukrainian village are being emptied EN masse and die

Украинские сёла массово пустеют и вымирают

If to hammer into a search engine query on the subject of Ukrainian villages, the search engine will give contradictory results. One side will offer a view reports and videos, which will be a beautiful modern, or old but well-restored homes, manicured streets, the picture, in General, pleasing to the eye of every urban inhabitant to dream of his personal ranch on 10 acres, with the other official statistics, according to which, from the map of Ukraine during its independence disappeared more than 600 settlements of rural type with the trend of annual disappearance in an average of 20 villages and settlements.

This contradiction is easily explained – plots with beautiful houses filmed mainly in Western Ukraine, devastation and despair – primarily the Eastern and Central part of it. By the way, the facts of registration of the new settlements, townships, there are, but again – in Western Ukraine.

Long before the war, in 2008 I had a small trip to Sumy region. Even in large, by local standards, the villages I was tormented by one question – how do people here that live, or rather survive? Now, after years, I remember think – I was there not even in the worst times, and what is there now?

Survive as they can feed us chickens, vegetable gardens, his farm. Abandoned, abandoned to their fate, to ask about something here can only be God. A small pension, hardly enough for the medicines and now the medical center will close and all. The district is not hitting, and see what they say – grandma, why you came to us, to help us have nothing to go home to die…

The official statistics of the extinction of the sat biased, according to sociologists. Ukraine is full of villages that exist only on paper, which in reality has long been no one lives. And if the government dares to clean the registry from the map of Ukraine will officially disappear in another few thousand villages and towns. A lot of settlements exist only formally, when the whole village lives 10-15 people who are remaining there the elderly.

“Once there was a good village, Oleksandrivka – pokes the driver of an old truck with your finger whether in heaven, whether in the direction of the vacant lot (depending on the position of the truck, falling into the pit, leaning on his right side). But old people mostly died, and the young people have moved to the cities to look for better life. Now in this Oleksandrivka live two grandmothers and two of their overage nephews, drinking all the alcohol” – from an interview of the owner of mobile shops deliver the products in several villages in Sumy region. Interview was back in 2010.

I have repeatedly heard the opinion of villagers about the fact that the extinction of the villages is beneficial to the state and oligarchs agricultural producers. They say that we will die, the village will not be a state without problems will give the rural land to large farmers. Only in most cases, no one owes nothing passes, in the place of the extinct villages eventually just formed the Heath with the ramshackle remnants of civilization, reminding that there once lived people. Nature taking its course, trees grow through the roofs of houses.

One of the oldest villages of the Chernihiv region, Khaikha, abandoned in 2013. Anyway talked about this in the next Parafievka, although according to others, the village was abandoned in 2007, but still it registers listed in the current settlement. And such only exist in the registers of the villages in Ukraine – thousands. Khaikha was founded in the year 1500. In the village of Baranivka, the same Chernihiv region, was prescribed to only one person as of 2014, and from the neighboring village of lozove generally left alone well.

The whole building in Baranivka — store building, it was frozen 90. On the floor are still labels with the names of the products of the Soviet era, the early Ukrainian labels in the “karbovanets” with the astronomical amounts of money: cigarettes without filter “Vatra” was worth 9000 karbovanets, candy — 158 000 per kg., bread – 18 000 karbovanets, a box of matches – 3000 karbovanets.

In 1993, the growth of prices in Ukraine reached 10 000% per year.

Before the coup of 2014, a village in the Ukraine were dying, you might say – smoothly, and was even some hope that the situation can be corrected, a territorial reform to support small businesses working in rural areas, to support the social sector. But the “reforms” carried out according to the requirements of the IMF, have left Ukrainian villages, distant from major cities, no chance of survival. The genocide of the village people speak, but no words can tell the Ukrainian press. Quiet but very large-scale zachistka.

Photos and illustrations are taken from open sources

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