Ukrainian woman Ivanna Sakhno told how he became a star in Hollywood

Украинка Иванна Сахно рассказала, как стала звездой в Голливуде

The actress participated in several large-scale projects

Ukrainian woman Ivanna Sakhno has become the new star in Hollywood. How she managed to conquer producers and Directors, the actress told “Voice of America”.

20-year-old Ukrainian became famous all over the world after the role of cadet Victoria in the blockbuster “Pacific rim: the Uprising”. Immediately after working on the film career Ivanna went up sharply.

“To be Ukrainian girl who came to Los Angeles … at first I took all the auditions that have just gave me. I gave some options and I said Yes Yes Yes, I’ll go to all the auditions,” recalls Jane.

Family Ivanna – TV broadcasters. Mother – Director, dad – operator. But the young star has always seen herself in Hollywood. When she turned 15, she went to Vancouver to learn the language and met with the casting Director. After arrived in Los Angeles and went on the first test.

“I was in Los Angeles, and for some reason I at some point felt that I had to go to new York, I had just the feeling that I need to go there. So I Packed my bag, told my parents that I’m going to new York, I was 17 years old. at the same time, the same evening I bought a ticket, boarded the plane. Came to new York, I didn’t know where I was to spend the night, call your friends, they invited me to sleep on the couch and I told my agent at the time that I’m in new York and literally the next morning she sent me on one audition,” says Ivanna.

So the actress first got a role in an American movie. It was a low-budget horror movie. But a Ukrainian noticed and later invited her in “Pacific rim”.

“These projects, they usually open doors to other projects, and you open my doors at a meeting with Directors, with whom you used could not meet, because these Directors have, in principle, about you know,” the girl says.

The last role Ivanna was in the movie “the Spy who left me” with Mila kunis. The film will be released on the big screens on August 3.

“I need to speak perfect English to get your message across to the people. But that part of Ukraine that I have, I am very proud of her and I try to as many people to tell about their country, to tell what’s going on right now politically and has happened before, to tell about the history, customs and traditions”, — says Ivan.

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