Ukrainian women get extra breaks at work

Украинки получат дополнительные перерывы на работе

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine plans to amend the Code of laws on labor. So, according to the innovation in some categories of citizens will be additional breaks in the work schedule.

As reported about it it became known thanks to the statement of the Deputy Minister of social policy of Ukraine Sergey Nijinsky.

First of all we are talking about women with babies, Ukrainian women want to give time for their feeding. The initiative on gender equality has already contributed to the draft amendments to the Code of labour laws.

It is also reported that the initiative is under consideration in the Committee of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, and is now being studied by MPs.

The official added that women at work for feeding infants must be given a “special place”. That is specifically by this is meant, not specified.

Украинки получат дополнительные перерывы на работе

In addition, Nijinsky said that the Code can be made another change on gender equality. So the government want to provide the right men to formalise child care.

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