Ukrainians are actively increasing the debt for supplied electricity

During the year the indebtedness of consumers for electricity has increased by 16%.

Українці активно нарощують борги за поставлену електроенергію

According to the national Commission carrying out regulation in the energy and utilities, 2018 consumer debt rose from 28.9 billion. up to 33.6 billion. About this on his page in Facebook said the head of the Department Oksana Krivenko, informs Rus.Media.

Here calculated that the total for the year suppliers shipped to its customers 105.1 billion kWh of energy in excess of 195 billion UAH. This is more than a year earlier, when consumers spent 104.9 billion kWh. That’s only with payment discipline in Ukraine a bad situation.

It is noteworthy that the debt for electricity is increasing not ordinary Ukrainians, and industrial enterprises. Although separate statistics on debt structure NCIKU not provided before, the state statistics service reported about unpaid people, the light bill in the amount of 4,8 billion UAH. And in December 2018 the household even slightly reduced the size of the debt: sent to the utility’s 20% more than those put in the payment.

The national Commission has estimated that the worst pay for electricity in the Kiev and Donetsk regions. Two providers in these regions, consumers paid 38.2% and 23.9% respectively of the cost of delivered electricity. At the same time, experts warn that the growth of the debts for electricity may well be the reason for the revision of tariffs in the near future.