Ukrainians believe in their genocide

Украинцы поверили в свой геноцид

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Today in Ukraine commemorated the victims of famine of the 1930-ies, called there by the famine. Said pathos speeches, are sometimes the most unexpected events.In 2006, when President Viktor Yushchenko, and he controlled the security Service of Ukraine started a mass crackdown on “genocidal” campaign, one of the Respondent women live on the Fifth TV channel (owned by Poroshenko), said with commendable frankness: “the Feast of famine should be celebrated as genocide”.Since then and celebrate.Now revealed the scandalous facts associated with a rich Banquet in honor of the anniversary of last year’s hunger is a clear evidence of the approach of the Ukrainian authorities. The then head of the state Institute of national memory, one of the main ideologists of the modern Bandera Vladimir vyatrovich generously regaled guests gathered at the golodomornye conference. And, according to the Deputy from “public Servants”,! unbelievable: “he Stole money for the famine and kicked out of Cyprus.”A kind of banquets within golodomornye “holiday” satisfied and for the people. However, without canapes like Vyatrovich: this is for the elite. For the common people — “street restaurant”, where you give the soup to taste with pine needles and biscuits from the leaves. According to the organizers, these are the dishes and fed the Ukrainians in the 1930-ies.
Through all of the action takes place one thought: it was a deliberate genocide, hosted by the treacherous Moscow to complete destruction of the Ukrainian ethnos. Is a direct parallel to the Holocaust (Holocaust — Holodomor).Such propaganda is obviously working. For example, in November 2006, prior to the adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of the law on the recognition of hunger 30-ies as genocide, this step is supported only 38.5 percent of the population, and 44 percent believed that it was wrong. A study conducted by R&B Group in August 2008 found that 41 percent of citizens saw in the famine a deliberate destruction of the Ukrainian people, and 44 percent believed that the disaster caused by the coincidence of (bad harvest) or the incompetence of the government. The most recent poll, organized by the group “Rating” in the current month, showed that the genocide believe it is already 82 per cent of the population. A clear result of prolonged brainwashing.That is characteristic: all surveys constantly show that “genocidal” theory is mostly supported in Western Ukraine, that is, those territories, which in the 30s was not in the USSR, and, therefore, are not faced then neither collectivization nor Stalin’s regime.
As it has been proven, almost all of the books, exhibitions and receptions on the theme of Soviet famine must be accompanied with outright fakes. In fact, the start of a massive campaign for the promotion of this theme by Viktor Yushchenko and archival service of the SBU said the exhibition, where the lion’s share of the materials were photographs of victims of famine in the Russian Volga region in 1920-ies. The signature read: “They went to Kharkov for bread. 1933”.
These fakes are in studies of the famine of the 30’s, claiming to be scientific, and in the publications of the once respectable Western Newspapers, whose editors are very indignant when they point out their outright lies and manipulation with photos.For example, the Netherlands recently released a study entitled “the Holodomor. Stalin’s genocide in Ukraine of 1931-1933”. And there are pictures of “victims of famine” in Ukraine — the author is clearly not aware of the fact that Galicia was in Poland, and these photos were taken in Nazi-occupied Lvov in June 1941. But who cares about such things if the main purpose of these pseudo — scientific materials are not the search for historical truth, and the desire to blame all the troubles of Russian, Moscow, Stalin, and bring all to the conclusion of “genocide”….There are many really serious studies proving that the famine of the 1930s affected Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, not selecting victims by nationality. That is our common tragedy, are irrelevant to the genocide of not having.

In any case it is impossible to remove responsibility from the leadership of the USSR, which is clearly not calculated the extent of the crop failure and the effects of removal of grain from the peasants taken in order to feed the city and to ensure rapid industrialization of the same in Ukraine. But just as we should not forget about attempts of Stalin and the top leadership of the Union to supply the starving of Ukrainians by the products. As correctly noted American scholar of the period mark Tauger: why to save from starvation the population if the goal is extermination?
You can’t ignore the fact that the same Stalin’s leadership actively pursued Ukrainization. And even more do not forget that the perpetrators of the policy of collectivization and kulaks the main whistleblowers was the same Ukrainians, the villagers, their neighbours and countrymen. Where is the indication of destruction of one nationality by another, as it was for the extermination of the Indians in the United States or the Armenians in Turkey?Nevertheless, after 2014 the various parliaments of the world, the individual States or municipalities in the West actively rushed to recognize this tragedy as genocide.However, the term “genocide” has long been a tool of foreign policy games that have nothing to do with the story.Vladimir Kornilov

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