Ukrainians believe that immigrants have the right to participate in elections

Украинцы считают, что переселенцы в праве участвовать в выборах

79.5% of Ukrainians believe that the internally displaced persons who fled the occupied Crimea and Donbass should be given the right to vote in all elections, including local.
This is evidenced by the results of a poll of public opinion about the situation in the Donbass, conducted by the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS), reports “Interfax-Ukraine“.
In particular, with this statement I fully agree with 64.9% of respondents partially agree — 14,6%, partly disagree and 4.3%, strongly disagree — 4,4%, and agree and disagree and 5.2% were undecided 6.6 percent.
With the statement that immigrants should not be allowed to serve in the Armed forces of Ukraine, agreed to 31.7% of the respondents, 44,7% disagree, 8.6 per cent and at the same time I agree and no, while 15.1% were undecided.
57.6 per cent of respondents believe that the inhabitants of the occupied territories must undergo additional procedures and checks to obtain Ukrainian biometric passports, 21,9% — disagree, and 7.2% agreed and disagreed, and 13.3 percent were undecided.
The study was conducted by the Kyiv international Institute of sociology by request of School of political analysts from 27 August to 23 September 2019. The field phase lasted from 8 to 20 September 2019 in 110 settlements in all regions of Ukraine, except for the uncontrollable regions of Crimea and Donbass.
The result of the field phase were collected 2 thousand 35 questionnaires. The statistical error does not exceed 3,3% for indicators up to 50%, and 2.8% for indicators close to 25% or 75%, 2% for the indicators close to 12% or 88%, and 1.4% for indicators close to 5% or 95%, and 0.7% for the indicators close.