Ukrainians go to the clearing

Украинцы переходят на безнал

The amount of money in cash circulation of Ukraine from the beginning of 2019 has decreased by 2.3% or by UAH 9.1 billion, compared with the same period last year to 391 billion. This was reported on the website of the National Bank of Ukraine in Facebook.

At the same time in treatment was 13.3 billion pieces of coins and 2.8 billion pieces of banknotes in the amount of 2.5 billion UAH and 388,4 billion, respectively.

“This trend is linked, including, with a stable trend to the growing popularity of cashless payments”, – stated in the message.

Ukraine has long been moving towards in order to minimize the amount of cash and to transfer most of the calculations in non-cash. The National Bank said that by 2020 we want to increase use of card payments of up to 55%, and the volume of cash must not exceed 9.5% of gross domestic product.