Ukrainians in Lithuania for the year was more than half

Украинцев в Литве за год стало больше в полтора раза

As of 1 July 2018 in Lithuania live 54,3 thousand foreigners. Among them Ukrainians almost to 15.3 million, which was 55.4% more than in 2017. Increased the number living in the country of citizens of Belarus — now it is 10.4 thousand, which is 24.7% more than last year.

The number living in Lithuania Russians has decreased by 8.3% compared to last year and amounted to 12.3 thousand people. Overall, these three groups constitute 70,1% of those living in Lithuania foreigners, the relevant data is presented to the migration Department under the Ministry of internal Affairs of Lithuania, reports Delfi.

Thus, despite the reduction in the population of Lithuania last year by 0.8%, the number living in other States increased by 15.4%.

In the Department indicate that a large part of living in Lithuania foreigners (54,5%) are holders of vremennogo residence — this year, those of 54.5%, whereas last year it was 48.5 per cent. During the year the number of applications for the issuance of a temporary residence permit increased by 13.8%, with the replacement of 25.2%.

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