Ukrainians in Russia will take the pencil. What to do?

Украинцев в России возьмут на карандаш. Что делать?

The Cabinet Goncharuk made happy Ukrainians arriving in Russia, new rules: from March 1, 2020, they are not released in the “aggressor country” without a passport.

Thus, Ukraine unilaterally withdrew from a bilateral agreement that allowed its citizens to visit Russia on the basis of their domestic ordinary passports.”From March 1, 2020 crossing the border with Russia will be implemented on the basis of the passport, but only for citizens of Ukraine who travel from Ukraine to Russia”, — will explain the head of government in his Telegram channel.According to him, the information from the passports will be read with special devices, which should reduce the time to check the personal data. Thus, according to the same premiere, “at the entrance of citizens of Ukraine from the territory of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine, the State border service of Ukraine will carry out the free admission of citizens of Ukraine and for internal passports and birth certificates”.

At first glance this innovation seems pointless and frankly delusional. In fact, worldwide regulations of any country is determined solely by the legislation of the host party. In this case, Russia. Ukraine can not determine, on the basis of the passport of the person should be allowed to enter Russia. It is the prerogative of the employee only by the Russian border guard service, standing at passport control. And the instructions under which he works.At the same time, Ukraine may ban to come to his internal passports. But only Russians. To ban the entrance of the country on a regular passport to its own citizens of Ukraine can not, because it is absurd. And, if you follow the text and the logic of government regulation has allowed the Ukrainians vezzhat from the territory of the Russian Federation on internal passports. But then it makes senseless ban on travel on these passports. Where is the logic?

Moreover, the state is unable to enforce its decision and to monitor or test its performance to those citizens who vezzhat in Russia with Ukrainian passports from other countries. Moreover, innovation is not only de facto but also de jure refers exclusively to those who go to Russia from the Ukrainian territory.

A Ukrainian, living, working or resting, for example, in Europe or in Turkey or in any Kazakhstan can easily put the instrument on the wishlist of the native government of technocrats and to go to Russia as it used to, which is on the internal passport. And what?, as said would be the case with the hero of the famous anecdote. A niche!

The bottom line is that the new rules will be as follows. Citizens will cross the border with two passports. On the Ukrainian control showing foreign and Russian internal.In the future, this situation will lead to a decrease in traffic flow direction from Ukraine to Russia – but only temporary – three to six months. That’s how much time ponadobitsa the majority of Ukrainians, regularly traveling on various needs in the neighboring country to acquire foreign passports, if they have not previously had.

Then what is the purpose of the decision of the Cabinet, if it’s not in a serious blow to passenger traffic? Here we come to the interesting part.

First, the new rules obviously did not beat on secured Ukrainians and the poor. For those who have no passports and, often, money to receive them: residents of border villages, pensioners visiting relatives in neighboring Russian regions and so and so.

Secondly, and this is even more obvious – the main objective of innovation – to control those who goes to Russia from the territory of Ukraine, and this is the bulk. Plus, the convenience of accounting: the internal passport with the passage of the control you need to drive manually to the database, and the passport is equipped with a special barcode.

In fact, for the authorities it is important to understand that the Ukrainians left in Russia, and not what he rode.

Along the way, innovation will help to identify and fix the actual number living and working in Russia, the Ukrainian labor migrants. Because most of them at least once a year to see their relatives, or come for the holidays. I’ll take a pencil.

All this corresponds with the already announced plans for next year, a trial census of the population, as well as occasional initiatives “reformers” to impose a tax and Pension Fund contributions, the income of migrant workers.

Previously, it was difficult to do due to the fact that the state did not have accurate data on the number working abroad. If you go to the West it was still possible to count according to the immigration control, the number of those who left for the big money remained a purely evaluative.

And then considered can expect in the homeland of a variety of surprises. For example, they can deny entrance into the country on the basis of evasion of conscription, or failure to pay any tax. The situation is like in the joke: the ruble for output, two for input.
So, the Ukrainians, who for their own reasons do not want to get under cover government intelligence and sneaks, or you need to accept it or slowly learn new marshruty hitting “the curb”. For example, through Belarus or even abroad.Sergei Ustinov

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