Ukrainians may be exempt from taxes on deposits

Украинцев могут освободить от налогов на депозиты

In the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine has registered a draft law on exemption from taxation of deposits of Ukrainians.

Bill No. 2422, proposed by deputies from the faction “people’s Servant”, was registered on 12 November.

To date, the tax rate on income earned from the Deposit is set at 18 % + 1,5% military tax.

The purpose of the bill is to relieve the tax burden on individuals who are depositors of the banks.

In addition, the law will help to attract additional funds into the banking system. Help make this a zero personal income tax rate for interest earned on:

• Deposit or current account;
• Deposits in credit unions;
• Interest or discount income on nominal savings (Deposit) certificates.

We will remind, earlier it was reported that in Oshchadbank and PrivatBank told about the reasons for the melting of deposits of Ukrainians. According to the statistics of the National Bank of Ukraine, funds on current and Deposit accounts of Ukrainians in September decreased by 7.4 billion UAH.

The national Bank came up with how to lower interest rates on foreign currency deposits. So the bankers want to wean Ukrainians from the accumulation of funds in U.S. dollars.

It was also reported that the Ukrainians have started to invest in government bonds, instead of the rollover of deposits. It is reported that for 6 months of 2019, the number of deposits decreased by 2.5 billion, while investments in government bonds increased by 3 billion UAH.

Earlier it was reported that the Ukrainians began to take large deposits from private banks and place them in the state.

Also “Hvilya” wrote that the NBU has published the list of oligarchs of the debtor, which in total was owed to the national Bank 46 billion.

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