Ukrainians offer a vacation to a non-existent database in Kirillovka

Украинцам предлагают отдых на несуществующей базе в Кирилловке

Ukrainians offer a vacation to a non-existent database in Kirillovka
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Speculators are on the alert! Photo: thinkstockphotos

The network posted an ad from the base “Fun”, which turned out to be false.

Tourist season is in full swing and travelers should be alert, mindful of the fact that Scam is very adventurous and is constantly inventing new ways of cheating. One of the victims was the resident of Melitopol, who decided to relax on the shore of the Azov sea. Writes Politeka, the woman found in the network offer from a well-groomed and well-maintained database, “Fun”, located on Fedotova spit.

Base offered attractive conditions and favorable price — 600 UAH for a double room. Plus all meals in local cafes for 180 UAH per day per person. The woman contacted the Manager after the conversation which listed on the card 10 thousand hryvnia – the full amount for the stay.

– When the happy day came, she took in Kirillovka a taxi and went on an already paid stay. The taxi driver hinted to the girl that the base “Fun” on the Fedot looking for often, but not find. And soon it was confirmed — a taxi driver could take her to a non-existent database. In the end, the Ukrainian was left with nothing but con artists are very good money, – writes portal.

This is now who knows how many more people have suffered from swindlers who offer recreation on the basis of the Ghost.


“Tarnished” start of the holiday season: the beaches washed away, but visitors are welcome

Only Tuesday Kirillovka gradually start to move away from the violent storm that raged during the weekend on the Trinity, and flooded almost the entire Fedotov spit. All guests were evacuated by the rescuers and workers of recreation facilities, which remained to guard the property until they decided to be tourists. Some happy splashing in the pool and sunbathing, the sea is still a bit rough.

– The road has not flooded, the water was gone. Traffic restored

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