Ukrainians told, what prices will be in two years

Украинцам рассказали, какие цены будут через два года

The Minister of economic development and trade Tymofiy mylovanov provided two forecasts of inflation in our country. It turns out that in 2-3 years inflation will be 5,1% and 5%. Ukrainians will unquestionably be surprised.

AK, according to the optimistic forecast in the next 2020 is possible in the country inflation at 5.8%, and the base is 5.5%

As for 2021, the Minister indicates that it is expected of 5.3% inflation in the baseline scenario and 5% for the optimistic. At the same time, the situation slightly changed in 2022 5.1% and 5%, respectively.

Raising the General level of prices for goods and services for the long term in 2021 is expected of 5.3%. According to Timofey Milovanov, an optimistic forecast of inflation envisages that in a year Ukraine will receive three billion more investment, and therefore inflation will be higher compared to previous years. The Minister also said that after 2022 the rate of inflation will decline and it will be due to the fact that in our state will begin to develop rapidly the growth of production and value added in the economy.

For the optimistic scenario in the country, according to Milovanov, you need a suitable business climate in Ukraine, and most importantly – the absence of corruption in government. In addition, it is necessary to provide a working judicial system, reforms that liberal land market, and privatization.

It should be noted that inflation in September 2019, when compared with the same month last 2018, it rather decreased to 7.5% of the indicators at 8.8%.

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