Ukrainians want to be fined for garbage details

Украинцев хотят штрафовать за мусор, подробности

In Parliament want to introduce new penalties against Ukrainians

A group of MPs initiated amendments to the administrative code of Ukraine proposed to introduce penalties for those who litter.

Украинцев хотят штрафовать за мусор, подробности

This writes Р with reference to the published data of site time – a project registered under number 6730. In particular, one of the authors of the project said:

“The penalty for thrown by an urn a piece of paper or a bottle just needs to be draconian to remember for a lifetime. Ukraine should thoroughly clean and then to learn how to observe perfect purity, and that is the present approximation to European standards,” – said Vice-speaker of the Parliament Irina Gerashchenko.

Украинцев хотят штрафовать за мусор, подробности

Administrative responsibility for waste outside the bins, the following is assumed:

– from twenty to fifty non-taxable minimum from 340 to 850 UAH;

for repeating the offense – from fifty to one hundred untaxed minimum – 850 – 1700 hryvnia, respectively. Recall also the Black sea is on the verge of ecological disaster. The European Union has been sounding the alarm over the situation. According to the latest researchers on the condition and level of pollution of the sea — it is 2 times more plastic waste than, for example, in the Mediterranean. The shores of the sea and water itself, are sorely burdened with harmful plastic:

“Of debris is choking not only the land but also the sea, but to clean it of plastic is almost impossible.”

Украинцев хотят штрафовать за мусор, подробности

Journalists also claim that the way out of a difficult situation is – so to minimize the consequences, Ukraine should:

“To increase the fines for unauthorized waste discharges and to lead a trouble-free action to recover these penalties. It is also necessary to economically stimulate the rejection of the use of plastic bags, utensils, bottles. Necessary and actively implement sorting and recycling, and also to explain to people the consequences of a casual approach to plastic”.

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