Ukrainians warned of a possible earthquake by force to 8 points

Украинцев предупредили о возможном землетрясении силой до 8 баллов

In the near future in Ukraine can be quite a powerful earthquake. This is a rare occurrence happens on this site once in 100-120 years.

This is reported by Ukrainian edition of “Today”, referring to the statement of the Deputy Director of the Institute of Geophysics of NAS of Ukraine Oleksandr KENDZERA. According to him, seismic activity typically affects the Carpathians, where the last of the tremors was in 1908.

This seismically active region in which the magnitude of the disaster can reach 8 points. Specialist warns that people today should prepare for the event, as it is impossible to predict: the tremors can begin at any time.

The most dangerous areas of Ukraine are considered to be the area of the Zone of Vrancea Carpathian mountains and West of the Odessa region. There was a recorded earthquake intensity of 6-7 points at 12-point scale. The epicenters were located in Svalyava, Mukachevo, Uzhgorod. Seismic activity was seen, and in the Carpathians. Tremors 6 points was in Zaleschiki and Kamenka-Bugskaya.
The Central and Eastern parts of Ukraine are less susceptible to earthquakes. Here, the aftershocks did not exceed 5 points.

So the trouble is not caused significant damage in the future, it is necessary to build the “right” house in the “right” places. In the event of seismic activity the population should immediately take shelter in wooden buildings because they are much safer brick. People who live on the first or second floor, you can go outside, while others are better to wait out an earthquake in the room. Down is stairs at any time may collapse.

According to the recommendations of seismologists, at the beginning of aftershocks in the room is to move away from Windows and walls to avoid getting hurt by shrapnel. You also need to avoid large equipment that can fall on you. During an earthquake it is better to hide in wooden buildings. If you live on the first or second floor, you need to quickly run outside and stay in open space until the tremors will not stop.

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