Ukrainians will recalculate salaries: who will receive allowances

Украинцам пересчитают зарплаты: кто получит надбавки

This month in Ukraine in accordance with the law on indexation of citizens will list the wages. In October, after conversion of state employees will receive a salary Supplement in the amount of UAH 214,75.

Size of income associated with the consumer price index. Wage indexation provides for recalculation of the amount of payments adjusted for inflation. Indexing is regulated in Ukraine by the law №1282-XII, according to which indexation shall be: wages, pensions, scholarships, alimony, disability pension, compensation for injury at work or illness, unemployment benefits.

The order of carrying out indexation was approved in 2003. According to him, the index shall be part of the minimal salary that does not exceed the subsistence level in Ukraine.

In October, the subsistence level will be UAH in 2007. In order to calculate the level of allowance, should the figure of the consumer price index (CPI) divided by 100, and then obtained the number of times the subsistence level.