“Ukroboronprom”: to execute, not pardon

«Укроборонпром»: казнить, нельзя помиловать

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So, the author of these lines had previously considered the option of reforming the American defense industry of Ukraine by analogy with the energy sector of the country, which was trying to capitalize on the recent years at the expense of taxpayers for the purpose of profitable sale overseas curators in the industry. The only difference is that a ranked list of defense enterprises is extremely narrow. Now, however, we can already say that even this version of reform was, figuratively speaking, the “light” of all.

The whole point is: if the energy of the Ukraine and perhaps to a certain extent to use as a tool in the energy wars with Russia, the Ukrainian defense industry in its present state can provide the service only as a rear base of the punitive operation in the Donbass. As shown by the scandal Svinarchuk Poroshenko, as the export in this industry brings profits only in power of one or another oligarchic group. Moreover, the revenues are enough that have all the signs of embezzlement of budget funds, but also to capitalise on such schemes, it is necessary tacitly to abandon anti-Russian sanctions and a roundabout way of purchasing the missing components in Russia.

For Americans, this means that the notorious program of import substitution (as in the case of the replacement of Russian components on American, German, French, etc.) has suffered a complete fiasco. In fact, its impossibility has been repeatedly said by the heads of the leading machine-building enterprises of Ukraine. The reason is obvious: all these projects require large funds, which simply does not.

It just manifests the fundamental difference between the Ukrainian defense industry from the same energy. The mining industry has always been less capital-intensive. And the period of return of investment is much smaller. In the case of engineering the real modernization requires enormous resources and long-term strategies when the money invested will start to pay off at least ten years.

Even in 2015, on the advice of the Americans, the government of A. Yatsenyuk made a lot of decisions a whole pile of sectoral programs of modernization of the economy. Somehow, they all converge at one point – their full implementation scheduled for 2020. The Ukrainians promised to fully implement NATO standards in the army and the military-industrial complex of the country.

Now all these program, as we know, is hopelessly broken. It is worth Recalling that the defence industry of Ukraine in the framework of the common anti-Russian strategy was then considered as a potential competitor of the Russian defense industry in the countries of Asia and Africa on the results of the modernization of the industry. Prerequisites for this were considered common Soviet roots, similar engineering and design, etc.

Any adequate expert in the field of defence would be immediately twisted his temple, considering these Manilov plans. But when we are talking about big money and the personal interests of participants in the process, manilovism not paying attention. Actually, how to create similar programs? The experience of the same “Naftogaz” it can be argued that overseas owners top managers themselves offer one or the other option of involving their enterprises in the anti-Russian projects. And if these proposals are approved, the latest get good bonuses and some funding of the project.

To a certain point Americans would be interested in working in this direction. But now it is obvious that the Ukrainian “Napoleonic plans” simply not feasible. Therefore began to act tough. First team Abromavicius decided to remove “Ukroboronprom” the so-called special exporters, the schemes which have traditionally earned the oligarchs.

Ukrainian arms exports going through the same crisis as the industry of the defense industry. The volume of arms sales abroad declined from $940 million in 2013 to $451 million in 2018. here it is not necessary to attach significance to the statement of the newly minted Deputy General Director of “Ukroboronprom” Mustafa Nayem that Ukraine can compete with Russia on the foreign arms market: “We continue to compete with them, while our defense industry in decline.” This is nothing more than inflating a bubble of information in the spirit of the former President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko expressed “the strongest army in Europe”.

The reason for the dying of the Ukrainian defense industry on the surface – anti-Russian sanctions. To understand how going to fix this and other problems Ukrainian defense industry, it is worth quoting Deputy head of the “Ukroboronprom” Michael Morozov, who is one of the key figures in the team A. Abromavichus.

Expanded interview with the Ukrainian Internet edition Лига.net he frankly admits that “the failure in export sales 2014-2015 including happened because we have lost the Russian market, primarily in terms of supply of parts”. “This is still a very serious impact on our military industry”, – said Morozov.

But as an approach this would-be reformer to resolve the accumulated problems in the state because of this? It’s very simple: “the Area of Ukraine is about 600 000 km2, the area of the Soviet Union – 22.4 million km2. Ukraine is 2.6% of the entire USSR. The paradox is that on the territory of Soviet Ukraine was concentrated to about 30%… all the military-industrial complex of the USSR… the power of the Malyshev plant in Kharkov in Soviet times it was allowed to produce 900 tanks per year. Today, the world average in the year sold a total of 30 tanks. Why do we plant them. Malysheva on such a scale?”

And as a result: “I Think that these almost 30 years of saving 30% of the Soviet military-industrial complex on our territory – this is a killer for the Ukraine thing. Need (and aivaras understands this) to take a tough decision – the part of businesses to close, eliminate, give to the Fund of state property and to sell (at least as real estate), and the money to invest in the development of the military industrial complex”.

From the same interview it becomes clear that the plans of the reformers, not only the total sale of Ukrainian enterprises of the defense industry as a simple real estate, but also a massive reduction of jobs in the remaining state-owned factories. The exact list of companies that fall under the libertarian knife, yet no one read. Now, as Morozov put it, is a preliminary analysis. In any case, he said, I have to say to these companies: “You don’t need anymore. We you close, sell, and use the money for the development of the defence industry”.

It is now clear that the team Abromavicius is going to hold a massive reduction to plant them. V. A. Malyshev, finally close the Kharkov aircraft factory, three times to reduce the number of employees of “UkrSpetsExport”. And then, as they say, will go on the chain.

Characteristically, a further drop of economic indicators in the defense industry, including income from export sales, does not bother the team Abromavicius. “If we really don’t need the 30% of the defense industry of the former USSR (and we don’t need them, in my opinion), I would not try to be the biggest and best in the world arms exports”.

Today the Verkhovna Rada recognized become invalid the law “About the list of objects of state property not subject to privatization” under which the Prime Minister of Ukraine A. Goncharuk has instructed the ministries and other Central authorities to expedite the preparation and this year to transfer not less than 500 objects in the state property Fund for privatization. And, judging by the mood of the team of reformers A. Abromavicius, this list will be a large amount of unclaimed in the current Ukrainian realities of the defence industry.

Most importantly, in line with this, in fact, predatory strategies, to seek the remnants of the Soviet economic legacy in Ukraine, finally predrasuda country into a banana Republic, acting President Vladimir Zelensky, whom in a mass rush to the hope for change voted on the industrial South-East. This, in particular, said information attack on the plant. V. A. Malyshev, which was carried out by the Ukrainian media with the submission of the President during his last stay in Kyiv.

Within his November visit to the region V. Zelensky visited the “largest armoured industrial complex “Ukroboronprom” Plant named after Malyshev and Kharkiv design Bureau of machine building named after A. A. Morozov”, as mentioned in the official release. During the meeting, Zelensky and launched into a tirade about the fact that the plant in 2009 was able to produce only one tank for the APU, and in Soviet times produced 900 tanks per year. This information is instantly disseminated by the media and filed, essentially, as a Prime example of the meaninglessness of the content of such enterprise on the balance of the state.

But the problem is that in the USSR the plant. V. A. Malyshev worked as part of a single national economic complex with a huge market, which imploded as a result of the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the socialist camp. Then the company employed about 50 thousand people, in contrast to the current 5 thousand. To keep the plant in the years of independence are exclusively due to foreign contracts. In the 90s of the enterprise from collapsing saved Pakistan and the last decade, the plant somehow existed due to Thai contract, where the company shipped 49 “Strongholds”.

Of course, the constant lack of financial resources, and appropriate training, made itself felt. The plant has repeatedly been on the verge of collapse of the Thai contract, people for months have not received wages. The situation significantly changed after the start of the war in the Donbass, when the company was loaded with orders for the maintenance and repair of military equipment. In the context of this information Zelensky rant only says that the state before the plant is simply did not care, until the war began. The APU has shipped a tank, “hold” during this time just because of the Ukrainian defense Ministry simply did not order.

But this statement people V. Zelensky A. Abromavicius is regarded not only as the reason for the destruction of the legendary factory. To write off such ignorance and inexperience does not work. The President deliberately put in key positions in the government and public sector proteges of international capital. Just in the case of the Ukrainian defense industry is likely over the ocean, made a radical decision – to destroy everything that is not able to revive without Russia.

And for the war in the Donbass is always a “Javelin”.

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