UkSATSE has completed the 2nd phase procurement and installation of modern air traffic control simulator

«Украэрорух» завершил 2-й этап по закупке и установке современного диспетчерского тренажера

The state enterprise of air traffic services UkSATSE has completed the second phase of the implementation of the contractual agreement for the purchase and installation of modern air traffic control simulator automated system of air traffic control “Arrow-Alenia” produced by Leonardo SpA (Italy).

As reported in “UkSATSE”, this is the first completed a contract funded by the European Bank for reconstruction and development (EBRD) jointly with the European investment Bank (EIB) in the framework of the project of modernization of the air navigation system of Ukraine.

“Improved software the new simulator, in particular, added the ability to work out tasks in the workplace, “Tower” and “Taxiing”. Installed the function of A-SMGCS (Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System) is a simulation of the movement and maneuvering on the airfield aircraft and ground vehicles”, — reported in “UkSATSE.”

Thus, Ukraine became possible full-featured joint training of traffic controllers aerodrome control tower, the approach to the airport and area control centre.

The software allows you to work out the interaction of specialists in all phases of flight under the responsibility of Kyiv centre of air traffic from takeoff to release of the aircraft from one area of responsibility, and in the opposite direction — from the entrance of an aircraft in area of responsibility before landing and taxiing into the Parking lot.

In addition, improved instrument for measuring the results of training.

Improving the quality and efficiency of professional training of air traffic controllers increases system reliability in air traffic management and flight safety in the Kiev flight information region, added in “UkSATSE.”

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