UkSATSE has criticized the statement of the head of the MAU Kolomoisky on inflated rates

 "Украэрорух" раскритиковал заявление главы МАУ Коломойского о завышенных тарифах

Public service enterprise air traffic of Ukraine (UkSATSE) considers the manipulation of application of excessive rates for air navigation services.

About it reports a press-service of state enterprise.

“One of the most common myths, which recently have been replicated in social networks, is the manipulation on the subject of rates for air navigation services,” said the company.

“UkSATSE” recalled that the state alone does not establish the amount of payment for services of air navigation and for uses approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure rates.

“The calculation process and components in detail regulated by normative documents of international organizations (ICAO and the EUROCONTROL) – based on ratio of national base charges to total number of units of service”, – emphasized in the company.

In addition, UkSATSE does not agree with the statement that the rates for air navigation services significantly affects the cost of the tickets in Ukraine.

“According to public information of airlines, costs for air navigation services is 3-5% of the cost of the ticket. The fluctuations of the rates of fees for air navigation services does not actually affect the final ticket price”, – stated in the state-owned company.

In addition, the “UkSATSE” indicates that also suffered significant losses due to a drop in air traffic due to the closure of part of the airspace over the territory of temporarily occupied Crimea and the closure of areas of environmental protection. The size of the shortfall of funds in the years 2014-2019, according to the company, is more than UAH 10 billion.

“UkSATSE” also emphasizes that the level of costs per square kilometer of airspace in Ukraine today is the lowest of all member countries of EUROCONTROL.

“In accordance with the guidelines of EUROCONTROL, provided a substantial increase in the number of flights in the airspace of Ukraine rates for air navigation services may be reduced. However, while the intensity of flights of Ukraine has not reached the level of 2013”, – stated in the message.

Earlier, the President of MAU Yevhen Dykhne said that the tariffs “UkSATSE” unreasonably high compared to European, so the airline does not pay them, disputing the debt in the courts.

As reported, the debt of the airline “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) for air navigation services subject to the penalties makes about 1 billion UAH.

The UIA was founded in 1992. According to the information disclosure system NSSMC and state register of legal entities and physical persons-entrepreneurs, 100%, directly or indirectly, controls Cyprus “Otobet of Promoting limited”, binaryfinary which were not disclosed. One of the ultimate beneficiaries of the airline is the oligarch Igor Kolomoisky, who, according to him, owns 25% of the company.

Earlier, the management of UIA has repeatedly demanded government compensation of losses, explaining their need of the overflight of the airspace of Eastern Ukraine, Crimea and Russia, high excise taxes on aviation fuel and inflated rates for air navigation services.

Co-owner of MAU Aron Mayberg said that over the last 5 years the airline has overpaid $216 million because of the need for the flight over Eastern Ukraine, Crimea and Russia.

The debt of the airline “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) in front of the state enterprise “international airport “Boryspil” is about 300 million UAH. In addition, the airline has a debt to the state, which is contesting in court.

Currently part of UIA fleet comprises 42 aircraft of various modifications, including 28 medium-haul Boeing 737 NG with an average age of 9.7 years. The average age of the company’s fleet is 11.6 years.

UIA operates over 1100 scheduled flights a week. The base airport is the international airport “Borispol” (KBP).

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