Ulyana Suprun refuted myths about vaccination

Acting Minister of health said that the need to take into consideration and what you should not believe.

Ульяна Супрун спростувала міфи про вакцинацію

The first myth debunked Suprun concerns of the harmfulness of the introduction of the triple vaccine. She wrote that this incorrect perception was formed through the idea that the more germs enters the body, the stronger the immune system is overloaded. She wrote that this statement significantly underestimates the strength of the immune system, informs Rus.Media.

Suprun also commented on the myth that the measles vaccine is able to suppress the immune system, that is why in the period of epidemic season of flu is absolutely impossible to hold mass vaccination against measles.

“Studies indicate otherwise. Scientists have analyzed individual cases of bacterial and viral infections during the so-called “periods of risk” after vaccination (0-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days). Their conclusion is that the MMR vaccine does not increase the risks of these infections,” said VA. the Minister of health.

The third myth – vaccines must meet immune needs of the nation, how best to use vaccines to domestic, not foreign.

“But, as there is no “immune needs of the nation”, and diseases know no national or territorial boundaries. Therefore, the inhabitants of any country in the world can be infected with the same measles virus, poliomyelitis or agent of diphtheria,” said Suprun.

She also added that the country is not a key factor in the development of the vaccine. Important quality and production requirements.