Ulyana Suprun told how to make the day happy and productive

Ульяна Супрун рассказала, как сделать день  счастливым и продуктивным

Ulyana Suprun told how to make the day “happy and productive”
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Suprun. Photo: website of Ministry of health

The main thing – to observe some tips, I’m sure the acting Minister of health.

How we spend the morning sets the rhythm and mood for the whole day. Despite the fact that these rules are familiar to all, few people they should, I am sure the acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun.

According to her, there are a number of ways, really can improve a person’s life:

  • Go to bed on time

Oddly enough, but productive morning is dependent on the quality and duration of your sleep. You will not be able to Wake up at 6 am and be productive during the day, if you went to bed too late.

– Remember that the body needs 7-8 hours of sleep, stressed Suprun

  • Go by yourselves

Do exercises for the brain, because he needs it in the same way as our body. A useful exercise for the brain can be meditation, said the acting Minister of health. According to her, studies show that during meditation there are significant changes in different parts of the brain affect our ability to concentrate, to cope with uncomfortable and difficult situations, and generally reduces stress.

  • Move

If you plan to make physical activity part of your routine, do not delay it to the end of the day. Workout in the morning help to improve the quality and duration of sleep, accelerate metabolism and positively affect cognitive abilities.

– If there is no time for a workout, take charge of at least 5 minutes, said Suprun.

  • Don’t skip Breakfast

Neglecting Breakfast can cause health problems. Doctors advise to eat Breakfast regularly and not later than 2 hours after waking up. To get energy it is better to avoid foods that have a high glycemic index (sugary products, white flour, unpolished rice). But you can choose foods that are high in protein, healthy fats and whole grains. No need to drink coffee instead of eating.

  • Take a cool shower

Immersion in cold water improves physical and mental well-being: include the stimulation of blood circulation, improve concentration and focus, reduces levels of cortisol (stress hormone), reduce fatigue and strengthen the immune system.

– Kiev cold shower is quite a common practice, so join us, – said the acting Minister of health.


Suprun dispelled the myths about the dangers of Breakfast

Acting Minister of health Ulyana Suprun called 4 reasons why you should not skip Breakfast and what it is useful.

– Many adults neglect Breakfast, even though I know that is a guaranteed way to health problems, she said.


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