UN: 200 million migrants working around the world

About two hundred million migrant workers now work in dozens of countries, and their earnings are about 800 million of their relatives. This was stated by the experts of the United Nations on 16 June, the international day of family remittances. Family remittances, thus, the support of every seventh inhabitant of the Earth.

ООН: 200 миллионов трудовых мигрантов работают по всему миру

480 million $ 200 million migrant workers sent to their loved ones in 2017, went to developing countries. The UN stressed that this amount is two times greater than the funds sent in 2017, and three times the total external financial assistance allocated to those States to develop different financial institutions and other organizations.

According to the UN, nearly one billion people involved in the process of sending and receiving cash remittances, which migrant workers have earned. According to experts, by 2030, the migrants transferred to their relatives still 6.5 trillion dollars.

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