Unanimously. As in “Servant of the people” suppressed the revolt of the constituencies and who will now lead the party

Единогласно. Как в "Слуге народа" подавили бунт мажоритарщиков и кто теперь будет руководить партией

Kornienko – new party leaderon Sunday, November 10, the ruling party “servant of the people” held an extraordinary Congress, the main issue of which was the election of a new party head. After the previous head of the party Dmitry Razumkov became the speaker of the Verkhovna Rada, he decided to resign in the political party.

The only candidate for the presidency of the party was Alexander Kornienko, who at the Congress one of the first – past- the representative of the Chernihiv Anton Polyakov – directly accused of selling districts. But since candidates were not allowed to vote for Congress candidate Kornienko was approved unanimously (more you can read about it here).

The statements of a number of deputies elected from the party in the districts, membership in “the Servant of the people”, the political forces granted after the election of a new head of the party. Thus, the revolt of the majoritarian political forces suppressed in the Bud.

However, the fight for control of the party with the election of its leader is not finished.

Ahead – the battle over General relativity in which elections are to be held on 22 and 29 December and which for the first time to take the “servant of the people”.

Followed by the even more bitter struggle for the formation of regional cells of party, who will then participate in the formation of lists of candidates for local elections.

The UPS and downs of the Congress observed a “Country”.

The rebellion was suppressed

Actually, the party Congress “public Servants” are no different from the majority of the same party events. Despite the fact that the political forces to publicly declare a policy of “the state of the smartphone” and other measures for the digitalization of the country, the adoption of decisions at the conference was old-fashioned by raising raising cards delegates.

What themselves voting delegates at the Congress was just over fifty.

“All those in favor… all opposed? Who abstained? Unanimously”, – minted decision to party members.

Six days earlier, from chat to anonymous telegrams-channel “the Dark knight” (which is associated with the people’s Deputy Alexander by Dubinski) mazhoritarshchik from “public Servants” has learned that on Sunday, November 10, will be held the party Congress, where it will be re-elected its head.

Then this story in the public space made a member of the Chernigov region Anton Polyakov, who said that neither he nor many of his colleagues in Congress was not invited. The leadership of the party on charges of usurpation of authority retorted that, they say, want to participate in the Congress – please write application for joining the party.

And such statement was actually written a few days before the Congress.

But on the day of the Congress was that the party of MPs-constituencies (of 30 people) was taken only after decision-making on personnel issues. So, first party elected instead of Dmitry Razumkov head of the “Servants of the people” by Alexander Kornienko. Second, voted to establish a working group to prepare for the elections in the United communities (GRT), which will be held on 22 and 29 December this year. And only at the final Assembly has a new head of “Servants of the people” read out the names of those who were accepted into the party.

Before you vote for the candidate Kornienko for the post of head of the party, he spoke from the podium about the party plans. But, it seemed that more attention was drawn not to him, but to the member of Alexander Dubinsky, latecomers to the Congress.

A few days before the event, he also wrote a statement for membership in the party, but answering the question of “Country,” took it or not, shrugged.

“I don’t know, accepted me or not, but I wrote a statement and indicated that I claim the post of General Secretary of the party. You see, I have been involved in inner-party discussions. And then I’m in this party I don’t vote for something, because Kolomoisky, because something else, in short, to me a lot of questions, and answer them as I can, but being a member of the party”, – explained the “Country” Dubinsky.

“Not quite right,’ interrupted the words of Dubinsky and his colleague, the Deputy from “public Servants” geo Leros. You’re to blame, because, first: you Kolomoisky, second: you Kolomoisky, the third – you’re Kolomoisky”.

Entering the hall, Dubinsky sat in the front row. And after a few minutes was the first who decided to ask a question Alexander Kornienko, simultaneously urging all to vote for his candidacy for the presidency of the party. Question Dubinsky was, when the “servant of the people” will begin to form regional cell. According to Kornienko, this will be held until February 15, when will the second phase of the Congress.

Another question came from MP Yevhen Shevchenko. He asked what the ideology of the party and what position on the Donbas, “because those statements that are heard from members of the Cabinet gives the impression that they were orphans”.

Kornienko in fact the question is not answered, embarked on a lengthy discourse about what the ideology of the party still needs to develop. However, crfpfk that libertarianism “public servants” probably still refuse.

Then asked Anton Polyakov – why not take to the Congress candidates in the party and ready yourself Kornienko to take a polygraph about the allegations about him selling districts in the Chernihiv region.

Kornienko answered this question long enough, suggested Polyakov to go along to SAP, and as part of the investigation, if necessary, to take a polygraph. While joking that the polygraph should not be the one that already passed Dubinsky and head of the faction Arakhamia.

“In short, no, the answer Kornienko I’m not satisfied – confessed “Country” after the Congress of Poles. – What we see. He left the answer to the question about the sale of the districts. Remember how he said that the Parliament will drop by 150 MPs. He didn’t expect that we will win the district by those people, whom they sold them. Now technical Congress and 50 delegates, including those who sold the County on the parliamentary elections, was elected head Kornienko, who had to take the party completely under your control.”

The fight for cell

In fact, the invisible thread through the entire party Congress passed the internal struggle over the construction of party structures.

As reported in the “Country” faction believe that Kornienko inclined to group the influence of each President Elijah Pavlyuk, authoritative customs, but nahodyashihsya in a hostile relationship with Kolomoisky.

The Central party apparatus and leadership of the faction is also mainly controlled by the groups vline competing with Kolomoisky – the friends of the President and “Quarter”, the group Pavlyuk, as well as MPs focused on Western and grant structures (those that Kolomoisky called “Sarasate”).

Therefore, the interest group Kolomoisky faction to come even in regional cells, the formation of which took two months. But those MPs who remain outside the main groups, also want to be able to join in the formation of party structures.

Why party-building is so important for everyone – because the local branch will take part in the formation of lists and the nomination of candidates for election.

The ones who sit in the chair heads of regional organizations, will largely determine who in the future will qualify for various positions in local authorities. It is clear that the final decision will remain with the top leadership in Kiev, but to submit candidates formally have the regional organizations.

But not a single post. Heads of local cells of “public Servants” closed on itself and financial issues in the regions. It’s party funds, sponsorship, staff salaries regional organizations, advertising, etc., in the total enormous financial resources.

“Nominees in the region, the mountains, the local councils, the mayors of the cities – everything is decided through the party. Who will control the party in the regions – that there is, consider controls everything. This access to power and huge financial resources. In addition, local elections – a test for the Zelensky. The loss in the regions will be regarded as a sign of weakness see. Therefore, there will be a contest for who can show the best result,” says “Country,” political analyst Ruslan Bortnik.

According to him, Kolomoysky wants to have control over the vertical of power, at least in the third region.

“To understand where Kolomoisky will claim the building of the power vertical can be about assessing the contours of its influence on the governors. At least a third of governors associated with the Privat group. So potentially Kolomoisky can give a third cell of the party in the regions. But will have to share with regional elites will be those associated with the Office of the President. This process will inevitably be accompanied by new scandals,” – said Bortnik.

But now it turns out that even before the formation of the local cell of the party will have to find and approve candidates for elections in General relativity, 22 and 29 December. We are talking about 1700 candidates in the community and 90 candidates for the heads of General relativity. And here, too, will unfold serious struggle.

For example, Anton Polyakov says, “the Country” that on Friday he set the task for the weekend is to find and propose two candidates for the elections in General relativity, from the “Servants of the people” in his district in Chernihiv.

“Everyone knew that “public Servant” goes to the polls in General relativity. All parties ready for them, including “Our land”, where he went Kornienko. But we are allowed elections only on Friday evening. I received a message that it is necessary to select two candidates. As me two days to choose candidates? But I only have two communities selected, and my neighbor in the constituency – I think 7 communities. And we meet with people, look for candidates, but we still have the issue, and the party generally will take our views into account? Or sell the OTO as County? I doubt they know if we lose seats, we lose the country,” – says the Poles.

But the management of “public Servants” already retorted that majoritarian deputies can only offer their own candidates for election to General relativity in the local cell.

“We are now all invited, serve the candidates, and decisions will be made at local conferences. The same applies to the heads of regional cells. I see that many majoritarian candidates offer themselves for the position in their regions. But we are discussion whether a General mazhoritarshchik to engage in the construction of the apparatus on the ground. I would say that the heads of regional cells should be people who are regularly on the ground, and not busy with parliamentary work. But no backroom games here, we are open to discussion,” says “the Country” the people’s Deputy Alexander Kachura.

In General, the events occurring before and during the Congress, was a kind of positional fighting within the party “servant of the people”.

In that time, while the backbone of the leadership of the party and see the team wants to resolve issues in the circle, the others will try to break this cycle, to get your share of the pie.
Galina Studennikova

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