Under Deck fans criticize Lexi Wilson, claim ‘sexual harassment’ against Lloyd, Captain Sandy opines

Under Deck fans criticize Lexi Wilson, claim ‘sexual harassment’ against Lloyd, Captain Sandy opines

Under Deck fans criticize Lexi Wilson, claim ‘sexual harassment’ against Lloyd, Captain Sandy opines

Credit: Laurent Basset / Bravo)

Beneath the mediterranean deck fans are furious with Lexi Wilson as they take to social media to voice their concerns about their behavior while Captain Sandy Yawn also weighs.

Viewers are expecting a lot of drama among the crew members on the show, but during the August 2 episode, Lexi took things to a whole new level.

Although the second stew has already clashed with several of its co-stars, including Chef Mathew SheaHe lashed out at almost everyone after a night of drinking. She first set her gaze on Malia White, calling her a “fake bitch”. Then he went after sailor Lloyd Spencer In the hot tub, telling him he’s a “fucking p * ssy”.

When Lloyd asked Lexi to review her behavior, she responded by grabbing his head and placing it between her breasts, leaving him completely horrified. At this point, it appears viewers had had enough when they took to Twitter to criticize the former Bahamian beauty queen.

A fan wrote, “Lexi’s Beyond Disappointed”. Then another answered, “I can relate. I wanted to support her. She is the second black stew to be part of the Below Cover franchise and this is the rendering she brought to the show. You can’t even blame the editing of this one. Sad creature.”

Meanwhile, many others felt that the incident should be considered a sexual assault and questioned what would have happened if a man had behaved as Lexi did.

“Lexi putting her breasts in his face is SEXUAL ASSAULT”, a person declared. “[You] I could see [Lloyd’s] emotional reaction to the terrible violation of boundaries before getting out of the hot tub. It should be removed from the program immediately. If a man forced private parts, there would be no doubt. “

Other tweeted, “Can you imagine if a man was being nasty and rude, so the girl told him to try to set limits, but then the man came and put his [d*ck] on the girl’s face? It is not okay to touch another person without their consent. “

Unfortunately for Lexi, she didn’t stop there, as a viewer looking for answers even tagged Andy Cohen.

“[Andy], I just saw Below Deck Med. I’m still haunted by the hot tub scene, “the person said proclaimed. “Why isn’t anyone talking about the fact that Lexi smashed her boobs in Lloyd’s face? He immediately got out of the hot tub totally annoyed. I feel like I just saw an assault! “

As the crazy incident unfolded, Sandy appeared to be asleep in her room. However, the next morning, both Malia and Chief Stew Katie flood He tried to explain the situation, but Sandy decided to give Lexi another chance. He took to Twitter to explain his decision at the time.

Obviously a difficult episode to watch. I see it when you see it “, she tweeted. “Many things happened that I am not aware of at the time, and there are still many more to come.”

Although Lexi “apologized” for her behavior the night before, which she claimed she couldn’t remember, fans weren’t buying it.

“If manipulation and irresponsibility were a person”, a spectator tweeted.

Beneath the mediterranean deck season six airs Monday nights on Bravo at 9 / 8c.