Under London will dig my more than 32 km of additional tunnels

Под Лондоном пророют больше 32 км вспомогательных тоннелей

The project was designed to minimize inconvenience to the inhabitants of London

Based in Essen construction firm Hochtief was awarded the contract for the project London Power Tunnels together with his London partner of J Murphy & Sons.

The company established a joint venture to perform the work, which includes the construction of 32.5 km of tunnels under the UK capital on behalf of the developer, the British national network.

Hochtief said that the project was designed to minimize inconvenience to residents of London, associated with the need to replace sushestvujut cable infrastructure, which is now more than 50 years.

The advantage of deep underground tunnels will be able to carry out future repairs without affecting traffic and businesses in the capital.

The project will help to provide the capital safe and reliable access to electric grids to meet energy needs in the future.

Hochtief CEO Marcelino Fernandez Verdes told reporters:

“We are pleased to contribute many years of experience in the construction of tunnels in London in the modernization of the power systems of the city.”

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