Under pressure from the anti-racism movement, New York, reviews the budget of its police

Sous pression du mouvement antiraciste, New York revoit le budget de sa police

NEW YORK | The city of New York passed in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday a budget for 2021 reducing the funds allocated to his police services, an illustration of the impact of the protests, anti-racism, even if many have estimated this reduction to be insufficient.

The budget of the first american metropolis for the fiscal year that opens this July 1st gripe of the police costs of more than a billion dollars, compared with an annual operating budget of the new york police (the most important of the United States with approximately 36, 000 officers) of approximately $ 6 billion, according to the New York city mayor Bill de Blasio.

According to him, these vials meet the requirements of reforms to the demonstrations, anti-racism, which have followed the death of George Floyd, a black man asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis on may 25.

In New York, as elsewhere, requests for transfer of funds allocated to the municipal police for the benefit of disadvantaged minorities has been a claim flagship of the protesters.

Mr. de Blasio stressed to have waived hire 1100 police officers who were to begin their training in July. And ensures that its budget meets the demands for social justice as the “deep desire” of safety of 8.5 million New Yorkers, on a background of an upsurge in shootings in the american metropolis over the past two weeks.

But several elected officials, such as the young star of the Congress Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, and many among the hundreds of protesters who camped for a week in front of the city hall of New York, have denounced the changes mostly cosmetic, citing the example of police officers in schools: their budget has been transferred to academic services, who will now be responsible for the security staff in the institutions.

The budget new york 2021 are placed in a context of budget cuts imposed by the pandemic, with the economic crisis and the shortfall in tax that it has generated.

He reached 88,1 billion, or seven billion less than a draft version adopted in February, a month before the pandemic becomes the capital of the american economy to stop.

The mayor explained the past several weeks that if the federal government does not grant substantial aid to the city or if the State of New York does not allow it to resort to borrowing, about 22 000 positions municipal will have to be removed on the 1st of October, affecting all of the basic services.

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