Unemployed profession: where to go to learn



Rosstat has revealed the labor sector with the highest unemployment. In the first place – the sphere of trade and repair of motor vehicles. In early 2019 the number of applicants in these areas exceeded $ 581 thousand. High unemployment in manufacturing industry – 434 thousands of unemployed. In third place is the construction sector, approximately 282 thousand specialists without work.

A lot of unemployed people in the field of fisheries, agriculture and forestry. In these areas the job can’t find about 275 thousand people. The unemployment rate rose significantly in transportation and storage of goods and reached 216 thousand people.

How not to be mistaken with the choice of profession, in the Studio of TV channel “MIR 24” said the head of personnel of the Agency Elena Limonov.

Elena Limonov: This is a controversial issue. On the one hand, there is an acute shortage of technical professionals, engineering staff, on the other hand, there is devaluation of these occupations among employees and potential candidates in the labor market. People do not really want to work with your hands, they want to work as an office employee, a clerk, an economist, an accountant, a lawyer, but these professions are not the most popular. Due to the fact that processes of change used artificial intelligence, many jobs will gradually die and give place to others, new specialties.

Elena Limonov: There are two trends. The first is artificial intelligence, machine learning, big data, that is, intellectually capacious profession for IT professionals. On the other hand, will be in-demand occupations which require physical labor. Linear production can not do without a large number of laborers and technical workers. But the production people don’t want to go there now mainly working age employees who are willing to share their experience but no one.