Unexpected effects of onions and garlic – now they will be your main argument in home medicine!

The simple answer to many questions.

Несподівані ефекти цибулі та часнику – тепер вони стануть вашим головним аргументом в домашній медицині!

Your child has a fever? Instead of giving her expensive drugs with unpredictable “side effects”, take half a normal onion and leave overnight next to my pillow, reports Rus.Media.

After several hours, the onion will turn black, and the child will be much better.

Why is this happening?

Studies have shown that onions and garlic have the ability to “absorb” bacteria and viruses when they are “activated”, that is, when they come in contact with air.

Ukraine was (and still is) a tradition to eat lots of onions and fresh garlic! Thus all useful properties fall directly into the body.

Dr. Andrew Laszlo talks about this this historical episode:

In 1919, when the world’s first flu epidemic (the Spanish flu) killed millions of people, the doctor went to the farmer and saw that all his family are completely healthy.

When the doctor asked the farmer about what he is doing, his wife said that he put peeled onions in a pot in every room of the house.

After many tests and research, the doctor found a virus in the onion that he got from the farmer’s house. She had absorbed it from the air!

Try it and you will see for yourself – none of your family members will not get the flu.

Even if you are in doubt what you should try? Only a few bulbs!

A young girl from Oregon told his story:

“I had pneumonia. I was very sick. I read an article that said to put peeled onions beside the bed at night.

It was said that onions absorb all the germs. It happened in the morning as if he were a little rotted, and I felt surprisingly well. When the onions and garlic, many saved from the plague. They possess many antibacterial and antiseptic properties”.

Be careful! Not private the assistance of onions and garlic, if you have an Allergy to them, or if you have ASMA or bronchial obstructive disease!

Have you heard about such properties of onions and garlic?

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