Unexpected traits that attracts men

Неожиданные черты характера, притягивающие мужчин 

That makes you more attractive to the opposite sex? It’s your hair, eyes, legs? Our appearance is the first thing comes to our mind, but it’s definitely not the only thing that attracts one person to another. Humor, mystery and courage — also add to our sexuality, and we even hooked up to scientists to prove it. So scroll on, if you want to know what characteristics make us insanely attractive to the opposite sex.1. You’re on top, when they show a sense humorously you would need to appreciate its most attractive features, the first thing you think is external features, right? But what if I told you that wit is much more valuable in the eyes of the opposite sex? Perhaps it cannot be called a sexual trait, but a sense of humor is very favorable, and it is even confirmed by scientific research. One study proved that girls prefer witty guys, because it is a sign of high intelligence. But there is good news for all whose sense of humor disappoint, and this is the next point…2. Your crazy just ocharovyvat of those who got used to adapt, or you like different from others and you take pride in your eccentricity? Well, according to the Australian study by psychologist Matthew Hornsey from the University of Queensland, both men and women prefer the “extraordinary partners”. This study is contrary to the “generally accepted idea that men like meek, modest, submissive and unquestioning girl.” So go ahead, don’t be afraid to be on your mind, because it’s so damn good.3. You are very sexy when immersed in razdumaya, we know that women prefer men witty, but, nevertheless, according to research by the University of British Columbia, women are considered “lucky guys much less attractive than thoughtful.” Well, that would certainly explain the charm of the “bad guys”. But before you go and change a photo to Tinder, you need to inform you that this study is based on first impressions in relation to sexual attraction based on photos of the opposite sex. Scientists did not ask participants whether these traits are also attractive when choosing a husband or wife, they only evaluated their spontaneous reactions about the physical sex appeal.4. Your bravery wins senzamici brave or courageous means to “have the ability to do something that scares” you, and the willingness to confront the unknown. It is not always easy, but this trait also makes you very attractive. Professor, University of southern California interviewed 10 000 men and women from Asia to Australia on the topic of sexual attraction. The results showed that 75% of respondents believe that “courage matters more than confidence,” because it “shows our shortcomings good side and causes a feeling of close connection.”5. You’re awfully attractive when you know that someone DeviceSpecific someone your feelings is probably one of the hardest things in the world, but if people do not know that you like it, how do you start Dating? Perhaps it’s time to pull myself together. In his book “How to make someone fall in love with you in 90 minutes or less”, Dr. Aron writes:”the Expectation of the subjects that they enjoy to another man, played a crucial role. If you ask people about how they fell in love, more than 90% will tell you that the main factor was that they knew that loved another man.”So play hard — not what you need to do.6. You alluring when you share secretairerie Dating is always very exciting, and in most cases — are quite hard to bear for both parties. However, there is a way to smooth out this experience and to initiate a sincere and lively conversation. According to Sam Gosling, author of the bestseller “the Scout: what do your things say about you”:”the Exchange of emotional and very personal information during a first date creates a strong feeling of connection”.So share your secrets next time and you will see how thanks to this is born between you affection.

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