Unexplained behavior signs of the Zodiac in relationship — whether to meet him

Необъяснимое поведение знаков Зодиака в отношениях — стоит ли с ним встречаться

Astrologers claim that the date of our birth influences our character and thus, our relationship with other people. Including, romantic relationship.

You two are compatible or not? Or are you doomed to loneliness? Should I continue to date him if he is Aries or Taurus? All these questions were asked by each of us.

And that’s how these questions are answered by astrology.


Aries is ambitious, often aggressive and purposeful person. If we are talking about guys, what they are willing to risk their lives in order to prove to you how cool they are and how in love with you. The reverse side of this aggressiveness — the recklessness: the rams certainly often insist on sex without a condom.

Aries is always ready to take risks in order to try something new. Therefore, it is always hard to demand loyalty.

Aries are also very hard to admit their mistakes. They almost never apologize. Therefore, to live with them hard.


Taurus is stubborn and persistent. Often, this means that it will be for you mommy.

Taureans are passionate lovers and reliable. A Taurus man will buy his woman tampons, a Taurus woman will take control of the pregnancy and will force my husband to go to the doctor to get tested.

Although sometimes the bulls — a terrible sloths. Therefore, they often need to motivate. But if this is no problem, then Taurus would be a good match.


This astrological sign is the duality. Therefore, Gemini is often just two personality in one. Their energy and passion to learn new things, make them excellent lovers.

The twins live for intimate conversations and social activities, so you should be prepared for the fact that the flirting means nothing to them. They’ll play you on the nerves and give rise for concern. But if you are willing to tolerate, you’ll probably get a great bonus in bed.

If you don’t like people with a wild temper, think twice before you accept the offer the twins.


Cancers are sensual and peaceful people. To organize them in a hot night, have to use candles, cuddling and long foreplay. So if you’re the type that loves spontaneity and surprises, find yourself another partner.

On the other hand, they are the perfect people for life. They do not know how to break hearts. They’re willing to sleep with you all night in order to talk and support you. Peace, harmony and love are of great importance for cancer. Even more than sex.


Leos demand attention and respect. Therefore, before to offer the lion a Threesome, make sure that the key to the process is it. They love flattery and stay in the spotlight. Why no matter how much love you SMS them is not written, it will never be enough.

Leo loves dramatic stories about the exploits and symptoms of wealth. On the other hand, life with them — as the novel about Gatsby: in the history of your relationship will not be a single dull moment. But remember: a “tame” lion is impossible.


Being extremely observant and meticulous, Virgo will always find something to complain about. The sex is so good that they are willing to do everything for your partner. But to demand that it will be the same.

The virgin has a penchant for analytical thinking. And she is always selfless — they can easily ask for any service. But sometimes Virgo is like a chocolate truffle: sculpt with anything. Ie, they are more likely to fall under foreign influence. Therefore, the ideal spouse for the virgin man is straight, solid and pragmatic.

Virgo constantly reach for the stars. Therefore, you should strive to meet their ever growing demands.


Libra is the most balanced sign of the Zodiac. They may harshly criticize you, but just appreciating your work from all sides.

The indecisive nature of Libra leads to the fact that they constantly ponder whether do. They scatter and are constantly brooding.

Libra attentive to detail and make unexpected findings. So if he asks you to change your hairstyle and do you generally agree with that, do not over tighten. Libra also appreciates the well-being and politeness. So they prefer to live usually with educated people from good families.

Unfortunately, Libra did not know how to take care of. They will forget to give you flowers and make surprises. Life with weights — not the most pleasant thing: you never know whether they will be able tomorrow to maintain contact with this world and provide for his family. People-romance — difficult for rationally minded people.


No offense to the Scorpions, but they’re difficult partners. They are jealous, almost always the owners, suspicious and prone to manipulation by other people. That’s why they are so often alone: very few people survive the life with him together under one roof.

Because of this they are usually extremely successful in business — they are Autonomous, independent, self-confident. About these says that they are married to their work.


Sagittarius is attractive and easy to communicate with people. They will easily tell you in the morning that your mouth smells bad. On the other hand, they were overly critical towards themselves. If your woman — Sagittarius, be prepared for the fact that she will spend hours putting on makeup.

Due to my impetuous nature Sagittarians love experienced and careful partners. They are also extremely attentive to the quality of their social ties. “Better to be alone than with just anyone” — it’s about them.
They really try to get to know their partners as well. To build a relationship for them is to build a house: a lot of work, but the result will be impressive, and marriage is strong.


When it comes to relationships, Capricorns are like toasters: they are stable, loyal, know what they want. This may sound reassuring, but remember that Capricorn is difficult to expect spontaneity and surprises.

Capricorns are patient, they can rely on, and they favor long, stable relationship. Unfortunately, they also tend to stay in a relationship with long ago expired. In other words, very often they cling to partners when they have lost interest in them.

And Capricorns hate to be or appear vulnerable. So the only way to leave them is to organize a large — scale, chronic crisis in the relationship. Quickly and easily to part with them will not work.


Aquarius — people of fantasy and adventure. Probably the most slutty your girlfriend from University was Aquarius. Their unconventional and creative nature make them fun and quirky lovers. Who especially love to have sex in unconventional places.

Because Aquarians are self-sufficient, they treat the relationship as a friendship. Do not expect from them a total commitment. On the other hand, live with them easily and comfortably. But only if you are ready for sexual experiments. 😉


Pisces — very sensitive and loyal people. Unfortunately, they are too easy to begin to regret. Therefore, it is likely that you will maintain a relationship with a partner of the fish, not because you’re in love, but because you “wish to leave him”, “he’s a good man.”

Pisces will do anything to make your partner happy. So don’t hesitate to ask them oral sex at least every night. On the other hand, fish like to try on the role of educators, so their morals can get bored.

If you want to part with fish, make sure that you have changed your phone number and home address. These people can get you a long time. And every time you meet with him you will be very sorry for them.

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