Unfair competition : Quebecor accuses Radio-Canada to take advantage of the pandemic

Quebecor accuses Radio-Canada take advantage of the current pandemic to weaken its competitors by offering to advertisers of advertising very favourable.

Referring to the unfair competition, the conglomerate owner of TVA Group has expressed his exasperation in a letter dated mid-April and addressed to the secretary general of the Council of broadcasting and telecommunications commission (CRTC).

The regulatory body for the broadcasting and telecommunications must be undertaken within a month of hearings for the renewal of the licences of French-language services and English-language Société Radio-Canada (SRC).

Quebecor requested that “the CBC to fulfill its role of public broadcaster at the service of the public interest” and argues that “the anticompetitive activities of the SRC must not pass over in silence”, and this, “so that the solidarity and mutual assistance are essential during this important crisis.”

In this case, the montreal company believes that the Crown corporation proposes to “of advertising offerings to advertisers, which may not be justified and which are completely outside of the norms of the market”. This is particularly the case for RDI that would have offered discounts of up to 60 %, supports it.

In addition, the CBC “was eager to put the hand at a very high price on a large number of content that is popular without regard to the impacts that this has on the industry as a whole,” said Quebecor, which says that other broadcasters have to deal with very little content available and with the cost of broadcast rights is very high”.

In his letter, a copy of which was sent to Radio-Canada and the minister of canadian Heritage, Steven Guilbeault, Quebecor asks about the role of the CBC.

“Instead of behaving like a public broadcaster in the service of the public and the public interest, the CBC is taking advantage of this devastating crisis, without any consideration of other actors, in order to immerse yourself more in the private sector in a financial abyss, as if the leaders of the CBC wanted their disappearance, purely and simply,” can it be read.

A request for a response has been sent to Radio-Canada, which has promised to respond by the end of the day.

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