“Unfollow the Rules”: the album of Rufus Wainwright postponed in July

«Unfollow the Rules»: l'album de Rufus Wainwright repoussé en juillet

Fans of Rufus Wainwright will have to take their evil in patience. While they expected to find the album “Unfollow” the Rules” on the 24th of April, here is the output of the drive is extended to the 10th July.

The label BMG has been forced to choose another date, because it is no longer possible to access the warehouse containing the CD and vinyl following the pandemic of COVID-19.

“You know I’m a guy from the old school and for me, the physical product is extremely important. I’m incredibly proud of this album and, ideally, I would like you to listen to him from beginning to end in the comfort of your living room, reading the words and looking at the booklet that I carefully designed.”, wrote the singer on social networks.

On “Unfollow the Rules”, the ninth effort studio of the career of Rufus Wainwright, one will find, among other pieces, “Trouble in Paradise”, “Damsel in Distress” and “Peaceful Afternoon”, a song which he has also recently proposed an adaptation in French.

Meanwhile, the artist continues to create, taking advantage of the confinement period to interpret a piece every day – often at the piano or the guitar, it broadcasts on Instagram.

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