Unhealthy and two dead found at the CHSLD Herron

Insalubrité et deux morts trouvés au CHSLD Herron

Two residents have recently been found dead in their beds, while others would have rested in their feces for days in a private CHSLD Dorval.

The regional Directorate of Montreal public health has ordered the integrated Center for academic health and social services (CIUSSS) of the West-Island of Montreal, to take charge of the CHSLD Herron, Dorval, march 29.

And what the augmentees would have discovered is, to say the least troubling, learned Friday VAT New.

As reported first in the daily Montreal Gazette, seniors would have been left in deplorable conditions, having not been changed of layer for several days. Worse still, two other residents were reportedly found dead in their bed. However, it is unknown if they have succumbed to the COVID-19.

“All we can “

The employees would have been completely overwhelmed by the situation, we are told. On site, a nurse who requested anonymity confided Friday that everything was ” under control “.

“The events happened two weeks ago. It is not necessary that the elderly and their families in panic “, she implored.

“We are doing everything we can “, has dropped one other, before melting into tears.

“We have filled beyond 139 quarters of work by employees of the CIUSSS. I want to thank them, because without them, this would not be possible to change this situation in a positive way, ” said Friday, Jason Patuano, the CIUSSS.

– With Jonathan Smith

  • In addition, a morgue, a temporary has been installed behind the LaSalle Hospital in Montreal. It would already be in service.
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