CYBERCRIME Platform reportedly generated $358 million in transactions since 2013

UniCC: The platform of resale of stolen credit cards on the dark web announces closure

Largest illegal stolen credit card market closes — Geeko

UniCC, the largest market place online for stolen credit and debit cards, announced that it will close next week. The platform generated $358 million in transactions since 2013.

The announcement was made. made on Dark Web forums, in Russian and English, says Elliptic Enterprises Ltd, a company specializing in the scientific analysis of the blockchain.

A market successful

According to Elliptic, tens of thousands of new cards went on sale on UniCC every day. Specifically, UniCC was selling them for cryptocurrencies. An exchange that benefited both the exchange platform that’s the acquirer of a new stolen card.

On the side of the card buyer, the possibilities were endless. For example, these cards could be used to launder cryptocurrency obtained through other types of cybercrime. Similarly, the buyer could use them to make purchases online, before reselling the illegally purchased items for cash.

Typically, cybercriminals stole credit card information through phishing or by hacking into bank and retailer databases.

A wave of shutdowns

UniCC collected over $100 million worth of bitcoins in exchange for stolen credit cards in 2021 alone. According to Elliptic, this growth is related to the February closure of Joker’s Stash, previously the largest marketplace; for stolen credit cards.

Still according to Elliptic, UniCC would have closed; suddenly its doors at as a result of increased surveillance by law enforcement that led to the closure of similar illicit online markets. following the shutdown of several other big Dark Web players. Cannazon and Torrez, two markets specializing in the sale of illicit drugs, have closed. recently. Online drug store Monopoly Market suspended services this month, as did White House Market in 2021.

A “considered decision  »

In response to Elliptic’s assumptions, UniCC called to do not construct a “conspiracy theory” on his departure. In one of their posts, the owners claim to have made this “weighted”decision” because of their age and because their health doesn't allow them to “more work like this.” does not seem to be finished. Indeed, new exchange sites are already appearing. In June, the new All World Cards site offered almost 3 million free cards as part of a publicity stunt.