UNICEF wants to develop a tool to measure the well-being of young Canadians

Photo: Annik MH de Carufel Le Devoir
UNICEF will probe the values, experiences and dreams of the young.

The success of a country can only be evaluated in terms of economic growth, believes UNICEF, who wishes to develop an index to measure the well-being of children and young people in Canada.


The initiative called youth, which oversees the creation of this index, pursues an aim for the less ambitious : to make Canada the best country in the world in which to grow by 2030.


The united Nations agency focused on child welfare said that they wanted to create ” a new way of measuring our progress as a nation “, a standard of measurement no longer focused solely on the disposable income or the economic strength.


To achieve this, UNICEF Canada wants to first of all quantify the level of well-being of young Canadians, and then develop innovative solutions that will ultimately be presented to decision-makers.


The body, we will search the values, experiences and dreams of the young people to paint a portrait “unique” of the situation of children in Canada.




Once this national dialogue launched, UNICEF Canada promised to think about solutions “supportive of change” who are ” coming out of the pre-established format “.


These will then be presented to decision-makers in the goal to” influence policies and investments for children “.


Launched on the occasion of the world Day of children, the initiative of A youth is to “truly listen to what youth have to say,” says David Morley, president and ceo of UNICEF Canada.


The organization reiterates that the Innocenti report card 2017 UNICEF, which examined the situation of children in terms of the objectives of sustainable development, ranked Canada 25th place out of 41 developed countries.

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