United Kingdom: Johnson intends to announce Sunday a déconfinement progressive

Royaume-Uni: Johnson compte annoncer dimanche un déconfinement progressif

LONDON | british prime minister Boris Johnson intends to announce on Sunday a plan déconfinement progressive, with a battery of measures to make more safe life organization, report of the media Monday.

With 28 446 dead, the Uk is the second country most affected in Europe by the virus. The containment was declared on 23 march and extended up to Thursday, the date to which it must be re-evaluated.

Closure of the canteens of enterprises, reducing the number of shared desktops, cleanings additional are among the tracks being considered by the government to allow companies to resume their activities, according to the BBC and the Financial Times.

Employees in contact with the public should be protected by screens in plastic, and workers who are able are encouraged to continue to work from home, according to these recommendations.

Those who absolutely must go to the office are encouraged to work in staggered hours to avoid the subways and commuter trains are crowded.

The three main trade unions in the rail were concerned about the “message” sent in the event of an increase in rail traffic that might suggest to the travelers that it is safe to take the train.

“This mixed message could prove to be dangerous and pushing people to violate the rules on travel and work”, have written to the prime minister the trade unions Aslef, RMT and TSSA.

Since the beginning of the confinement, the government repeats the British to “stay home” and avoid all “non-essential movement”.

Before you can welcome new employees, companies will need to make a “risk assessment”, suggest the documents of the government on the déconfinement.

If the recommended distance of two meters between each worker may not be met, the port of required individual protection (PPE) will be considered ; a point which raises the questions of entrepreneurs.

It must be a “clear recommendation”, claimed Monday to the BBC’s Adam Marshall, director general of the british Chambers of commerce.

The implementation of measures of social distancing in airports is impossible to put into practice in the transport, justice of his side, John Holland-Kaye, boss of the airport at london Heathrow, Europe’s largest.

“This will not work in the aviation or any other form of public transport, and this is not the plane, the problem is the lack of space in the airport,” writes John Holland-Kaye in the daily The Telegraph. “For a single large aircraft, there would be a queue a mile.”

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