United states: A mountain climber to commit suicide after the death of his girlfriend in an avalanche

The climber Hayden Kennedy committed suicide after losing his girlfriend in an avalanche. — Screen Capture Inge Perkins/Instagram

Hayden Kennedy was an experienced mountaineer. He has put an end to his life last Sunday at his home in Bozeman in the State of Montana (United States). The man has not supported the disappearance of his companion, who died a few days before in a
avalanche, reports the Washington Post.

Trapped in an avalanche

The young man of 27 years old, passionate of mountain, was out skiing with his girlfriend, Inge Perkins, 23 years old, when a casting of snow has triggered in their path.

The young woman was buried, but his companion was able to get out of it. He immediately notified the rescue but failed to find his companion.

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“Climbing and a curse”

“Hayden has survived the avalanche, but not to the unbearable pain of having lost his companion,’ have declared the parents of the young mountaineer, adding that ” it was a very sensitive person “.

On the blog Evening Sends, Hayden had written at the end of September this terrifying sentence is prescient : “The friends and climbing partners are ephemeral. This is the painful reality of our sport… rock climbing is both a gift and a curse. “

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