United states : a truck force the passage of the protesters in Minneapolis, his driver stopped

A tanker has tried on Sunday to force a passage in the middle of a procession of thousands of demonstrators on a bridge from the center of Minneapolis, in Minnesota, causing a massive intervention of the forces of law and order.

“A priori, no protester was injured”, according to a press release from the local police.

The driver of the truck, who was injured, was taken in a nearby hospital and then placed in detention. It will be the subject of a criminal prosecution, said the governor of Minnesota, Tim Walz during a press conference.

“At this time we do not know his motivations”, he added, admitting that the situation could have been dramatic.

The truck “seemed to contain a substance that is flammable or toxic (…). That there has not been a tragedy and many deaths is such an amazing thing”, he stressed.

The event, connected with the death Monday of George Floyd, a black man, in the hands of the police, was a party in the middle of the day in the Capitol in St. Paul, where the seat of the parliament of the state of Minnesota. She was in an atmosphere of peaceful towards the center of Minneapolis, walking on a highway.

The officers and soldiers of the national Guard had blocked access and an investigation will determine how the truck was able to be there despite all, said the head of security in the State, John Harrington.

As protesters crossed a bridge, the driver has moved his truck to the middle of the crowd. According to a witness interviewed on the local channel KSTP, the protesters rode their bicycles have launched their bicycle under his vehicle to try to stop him.

“He looked upset, he klaxonnait and continued to move forward,” added the young man.

Very quickly, dozens of police vehicles arrived sirens blaring, and have repressed the protesters off the bridge.

Several hundred of them stayed around. When the curfew began, at 20h, the forces of order have launched stun grenades to try to disperse them.

The death of George Floyd caused an explosion of anger in the United States and protests against the police violence in several cities of the country.

The situation has degenerated into riots in several places, forcing the authorities of several cities to impose curfews and call in the soldiers of the national Guard.

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