United States assessed the breeding forces in Petrovsky

США дали оценку разведению сил в Петровском

The U.S. Embassy in Kiev gave a positive assessment of the breeding forces in Moscow and called on Russia to cooperate with Ukraine in restoring its control over the state border. This is stated in the statement of the American diplomatic mission on Twitter.

“We welcome the completion of the withdrawal of forces and means at the Petrovsky. We call on Russia and the forces that it supports, to a productive cooperation with Ukraine in the direction of further progress in restoring Ukraine’s control over its international border”, – stated in the message.

10 November it was reported that the breeding forces in the Petrovsky district on the demarcation line in the Donbass has caused a positive reaction from the Russian authorities.

The signing of the Ukrainian side “formula Steinmeier” is a condition for participation in the summit in “channel format”. The implementation of the “Steinmeier plan” should be preceded by the disengagement in Donbas for three sites to be followed by more large-scale breeding troops across the demarcation line.

The dilution of forces and means of the parties to the conflict had already occurred at three sites of the demarcation line No. 1 near the village Stanitsa Lugansk and No. 2 in the town of Golden Lugansk region and No. 3 in the Petrovsky district of the Luhansk region.