United States Of Aggression

Соединенные Штаты Агрессии

The U.S.’s claims to global supremacy and exclusivity are kept on the following factors:

1) on the financial strength, provide exclusive rights to issue the main reserve currency of the world;

2) on the ideology of the “ideal democracy”, which carries the torch of freedom “wild” peoples of the world (with it’s wild to declare any people who reject American ideology);

3) on military force, greatly exceeding the capabilities of any country (except Russia or China, which the American elite considers the main external threats).

For mired in heavy debts and credits of the West headed by the USA, the only way to retain global leadership and the economic crisis is the outbreak of major wars, neo-colonial subordination of resource-rich countries and the weakening of geopolitical rivals like Russia and China. That is why the US military budget is not only the largest in the world, but exceeds the capacity of the budgets of the six countries with the largest after the United States military expenditures. China’s military budget the second largest after the U.S. — almost three times less than the military budget of the United States.

In ideological terms in contemporary U.S. leaders of the so-called American neo-conservatives, who believe “absolute safety” of the US, the main value and the main purpose of foreign policy — so much so that its achievement justifies any crime and any violations of international law. The principle of “absolute security” of the United States lies at the heart of “the Project for the new American century”, which implies a global dominance of the USA in the XXI century, also as it was in the XX century. The project has been overwhelmingly influential American NGOs under the control of Robert Kagan — husband of the Deputy Secretary of state Victoria Nuland. That doctrine “New American century” became the theoretical basis of the military interventions in Iraq and Libya, colored revolutions and the Arab spring.

President Barack Obama spoke quite frankly in 2015, about the purposes of American foreign policy. He said that the U.S. government “twisting arms to other countries for their own purposes,” and the goal of US policy — “a world where America is a leader” (that is Lord). Also Barack Obama said that arm-twisting the Americans with the help of not only political but economic and military levers.

76% of Americans believe that it is permissible to wage war for “justice.” According to this indicator the United States in first place in the world.

According to American politician Ron Paul, “the United States has only two types of foreign policy. If other countries listen to us, they get billions of dollars. If not — we start to destroy them”.

In 2015, Peter Kuznik, Director of the Institute for nuclear research of the American University in Washington — with weeping told where the belief in exceptionalism made United States:

The idea of exclusivity makes US a sense of impunity. Other countries don’t allow themselves of what makes America. Other countries don’t kill people around the world using drones, not to overthrow foreign governments, not to make military incursions and do not systematically bombing. In the name of law, order and justice, the U.S. has done much that would all the horror, if something like that allowed themselves to another country.

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