United states : republicans demand the resignation of the boss of WHO against the thaw fund

États-Unis : des républicains exigent la démission du patron de l’OMS contre le dégel des fonds

Republicans in the u.s. Congress have, on Thursday called on Donald Trump to condition the allocation of new funds to the world health Organization (WHO), the resignation of its director Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, which they accuse of having “failed” to respond to the crisis of the sars coronavirus.

“The director-general Tedros has failed in its mission to respond objectively to the broader global health crisis since HIV/Aids pandemic has reached its peak in the mid-2000s,” write, in a letter to the american president, 17 republican members of the foreign Affairs committee of the House of representatives.

We ” recommend that you conditionniez all future voluntary contributions to the WHO on the fiscal year 2020 to the resignation of the director-general Tedros “, they write.

“We understand and appreciate the vital role that the WHO plays years the world, especially in humanitarian contexts difficult,” noted the parliamentary republicans, while expressing support for the announcement made by Donald Trump on April 14 to suspend the united states ‘ funding of this body, which depends on Nations.

Washington is the leading donor of the WHO, with more than 890 million dollars of funds on the current budget, set by a two-year period, added the signatories.

They say they are “deeply worried” in front of the management by the WHO and the chinese communist Party (CCP) of the beginnings of the crisis of the Covid-19.

“The lies of the CCP and the mismanagement of this crisis by the WHO have allowed an epidemic regional to become a pandemic “, accuse-they.

According to the White House, the G7 leaders called Thursday for a “review and reform-in-depth” WHO, while supporting the criticism of Donald Trump, at a meeting in videoconference.

Specialist of the malaria, and a graduate degree in immunology and a doctorate in community health, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is the first african director of the WHO. The former Health minister and head of diplomacy, ethiopia is also the first director general of the WHO to have been elected.

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