United states: the balance sheet is rising again with 2 333 deaths in 24 hours

États-Unis: le bilan repart à la hausse avec 2 333 décès en 24 heures

WASHINGTON | With 2 333 additional deaths to the novel coronavirus in 24 hours, the balance sheet daily in the United States is on the rise again Tuesday at 20: 30, according to the counting of the Johns Hopkins university, in which reference is made.

The country had recorded the day before the balance sheet daily, the lowest in a month with 1 015 deaths, according to figures the university updated continuously. These new deaths are the total balance of the epidemic in the u.s. territory to 71 022 the dead.

The United States has also the largest number of people diagnosed, sick Covid-19, with over 1.2 million cases reported.

Despite these figures, the White House focused for several days, her message on the déconfinement in progress.

Travelers in Arizona and displayed without mask, Donald Trump has called for a rapid reopening of the economy even if this would increase the balance sheet of the pandemic.

Asked on ABC News whether he thought that ” lives would be lost to open up the economy “, the president replied: “It is possible that this happens, because we are not confined in our homes. “

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