Universal weapon. How to apply the new Ukrainian rocket “Oskol”

The national military industry gradually “closes” the most problematic moments with ammunition.

Not so long ago announced the beginning of serial production of artillery ammunition. And that’s just September 18, the press service of the President and “Ukroboronprom” simultaneously reported the final stage of state tests 80-mm unguided rockets RS-80ОКО “Oskol”. Judging by the video, this time carried out launches from the side of the front bomber su-24M.

And just in August, media of the military had information that the completed test launches of these missiles from the helicopter Mi-8. It was alleged that the specialists of the State Institute for testing and certification had shot about three hundred of these missiles during missions on the ground in Goncharov (Chernihiv region).

The importance of adopting this type of weapon can hardly be overestimated. Developed in the late 1960s to the missile’s solid propellant engine produced at the plant “Aviaagregat” in Kuibyshev (now Samara) and the time of the collapse of the Soviet Union was the most common uncontrollable weapon of Soviet aircraft and helicopters. Such missiles quite successfully used aboard the su-17 and su-24, su-25, interceptor su-27 and combat helicopters of the Mi-8 and Ka-50.

Универсальное оружие. Как можно применить новые украинские ракеты "Оскол"

In the course of the war in the Donbass missiles C-8 steel main armament of the Ukrainian aviation, how many of them were fired it’s hard to say. But in the end even though the aircraft used a rather short time — from may to August 2014, there were serious problems with the availability of missiles.

And when you consider that after 2014 launcher of unguided rockets s-8 were used for ground base: units of Airborne assault forces have multiple installations on the basis of a light artillery tractor MTLB. Apply rockets and armament of prospective ground unmanned BTR “Phantom-2”. And even on the sea — the amphibious assault boats of class “centaur” (project 58181) has two installation.

Moreover, local specialists in recent years carried out work for the possibility of using blocks to start With-8 for those machines that did not originally provide for. It is a Ukrainian version of the light combat helicopter Mi-2 Mi — 2MSB The designers of PJSC “Motor Sich” made a number of changes to the original design by installing a set of trusses beam holders, Б8В8МСБ blocks, each with eight missiles C-8, the launching device capable of shooting in modes two, four and eight missiles simultaneously. Additionally, the cabin installed aviation sight.

It is worth saying that for SJSHC “Artem” task create a Ukrainian analogue of the C-8 was rather simple, which explains the rapid development and debugging to the level of the state tests. The new missile received the designation RS-80КО and the name “Oskol”. When the mass of the shaped-charge fragmentation warhead 5 kg designers have provided top 400 mm homogeneous armor at a range of start-1300-4000 m. it should be noted that the copy surpassed the original, so the Soviet s-8 warhead is installed only 3.6 kg.

In addition, the adoption of rockets of this type opens up great opportunities for further development. So, for the Soviet counterpart at the time, there were developed several dozens of variants of the warhead. Here shrapnel, which carries 2000 flechette rounds, and concrete to penetrate the layer of concrete thickness of up to 0.8 m.

Most real time and abilities is to create, for example, warheads with volume detonating mixture. Work in this direction are long enough and already there are results in the form of hand grenades and hand grenade launchers. Is in the Arsenal of s-8 (and thus theoretically may be for-80) illuminating warhead and warhead to create passive jamming for enemy radar.

Универсальное оружие. Как можно применить новые украинские ракеты "Оскол"

We should not forget the fact that such missiles are in steady demand on the world arms market and this segment can take the Ukrainian gunsmiths.

It is worth saying that 80 mm-80 is not the only unguided missiles in service with the Air forces of Ukraine. Even in the fall of 2017 by the specialists of the same State scientifically-the test center conducted tests for compatibility with side impact version of the Mi-8MSB 122-mm unguided rockets s-13. Apparently this is a powerful weapon added to the Arsenal of the Ukrainian helicopter.

Thus, it is possible to say that the completion of state tests and the launch of a series of unguided rockets s-80 suggests that Ukraine in the near future to get rid of another substantial problems in providing its armed forces with ammunition.