Unpleasant sensations and symptoms that indicate problems with the liver

Barely noticeable lingering pain and tingling in the right side talking about the fact that you need to see a doctor.

Неприємні відчуття і симптоми, які сигналізують про проблеми з печінкою

The main symptoms

The most common symptom of liver disease is pain or heaviness in the right hypochondrium. Among other symptoms may be fatigue, weakness, increase in prostate size. More alarming symptoms that should prompt you to consult a doctor and get tested, there is a bitter taste in the mouth, heartburn, nausea and vomiting, informs Rus.Media.

Required tests

Since the majority of pathologies of the liver initially have no apparent symptoms, doctors recommend not to wait for ill health and timely detect the disease, passing blood chemistry. “The first thing to do is to go to the clinic and to hand over the biochemical analysis of blood. There will be six parameters: ALT, AST, GGT, alkaline phosphatase, and bilirubin two. You can do an ultrasound, but most likely you will not see the existing disease, or if you delayed the process, you will see the cirrhosis. Therefore, in the early stages of the disease, ultrasound does not make sense,” says gastroenterologist-hepatologist Sergey vyalov.

Analysis in biochemistry need to take on an empty stomach heart, and the last meal should be eight hours before blood sampling for analysis.

That show biochemical analysis of blood?

The increase of ALT would indicate the development of serious diseases such as viral hepatitis, toxic liver damage, cirrhosis, liver cancer. The decrease in the level of ALT – necrosis or cirrhosis.

The increase of AST in the blood indicates the development of viral, toxic or alcoholic hepatitis, liver cancer, and a decrease in the level of AST is about the rupture of the liver and deficiency of vitamin B6.

The increase in GGT can occur in acute or chronic viral hepatitis and toxic liver damage.

The increase in alkaline phosphatase (ALP) will speak about toxic hepatitis, necrosis, cirrhosis or liver cancer.

Increased total bilirubin is a symptom of jaundice or hepatitis. The increase in bilirubin also talk about the jaundice, which developed due to violations of the outflow of bile from the liver.